Monday, November 13, 2006

All Things New

Well, we had just a dynamic weekend playing with our dear friends, Brian and Stephanie. We went to the La Paz Waterfall Park that also has a butterfly garden, an amazing orchid place with over 100 species of orchids and amazing tiny colorful frogs. I think the butterfly garden was a huge highlight for so many reasons. There were so many butterflies everywhere, AND we got to see some of them come out of their cocoons. What a truly incredible work of God to make caterpillers turn into beautiful butterflies just by hanging out in their often camouflaged cocoons. It makes me think a lot about the work that God promises to do in our own lives. Steph and I especially were transfixed as we watched a butterfly learn how to use its wings. They are kind of floppy at first, but after a bit, they can spread them and fly anywhere! Amazing!
At the orchid farm, we were informed that there are some orchids that are the size of a pin head. You know that God made those simply for the enjoyment of making something beautiful. I'm currently reading a book by Madeleine L'Engle called "And It Was Good" which is thoughts about the creation story, and it is so encouraging to think that God created all things out of the love that He shares within Himself between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. What a privilege to be born out of such great love, and then to see what else He so lovingly created and then called Good. He definately called Costa Rica good, and we are getting to see so many intricate and diverse examples of His handi-work.
Now we are back in San Jose, where things a little smoggier, and we are back to attending our classes. Our Spanish is coming along slowly, but we are getting better at just trying and taking the inevitable corrections as they come. It is definately a humbling experience, especially for people so used to being able to communicate very clearly. So it goes. Adios for now.
**** I am currently trying to get pictures up from this weekend. They are in the "Butterfly Garden and Waterfall Park" folder. Also, since I have been rather obsessed with taking pictures of flowers, I am going to devote a folder entirely to them and add my favorites as they come!


Jason said...

Thanks so much for saying hello. We are faithful readers of your updates as well. Costa Rica sounds incredible! I really want to visit there now. Of course, I think I want to visit everyplace that my friends have gone and are now telling me about. Germany, Italy, Ghana, Latvia, Switzerland, New Zealand, and now Costa Rica. Thanks a lot for adding another place to the list of "must visits." Good luck with Spanish, we know you feel.