Friday, October 12, 2007

Super Chicken

That is what my mom dubbed the largest day we've had a Chick-fil-A. John and I have stayed plenty busy, and as if starting a business, moving and trying to make a new life wasn't enough, we've taken on the unique challenge of remodeling a new house! We are officially home owners as of a couple of weeks ago. We looked at the house and really liked it and knew we would like it just a little more if it had a few cosmetic updates. A "few cosmetic updates" have turned into quite an overhaul. Of course. I am going to add pictures to our picture place so that any who are interested can follow our remodeling fun.
So far, we have destroyed more things than we have created. Fortunately, God is good to us and has brought us friends who are kind enough to help us through this process. We realized that you have to have either time or money, and we figured out that we have a little more time. So that means we are attempting all kinds of new things.
Super Chicken is going well. We have been incredibly blessed at our store with a great staff and a following in Little Rock that is pretty amazing. We really do thank God for the opportunity to grow and develop and watch a business flourish. What a privilege.
Well, I'm going to try to upload some photos now!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Little Rock Loves Chicken

Well, Chick-fil-A is up and running and now all we do is work. At least, that is what it feels like right now. We have had such an amazing time so far. God has been incredibly faithful to bring us a great team of people to join us in this venture, and it is a pleasure to get to know each of them. Sales have been incredible, and again, we are amazed at the position that we are in. Never in a million years did we dream this, but God definately had this in store for us. There are a ton of funny, hysterical moments in the midst of it all, and we are certainly learning a ton. As always, working with the public is a joyous and entertaining sport. We really do love serving people and getting to interact with so many different kinds of people, but it always gives you a new appreciation for the things that we tend to take for granted. Anyway, we are looking forward to a time when we do things other than work, but for now, we know that this is the task that God has put in front of us, and we pray to be working towards his glory.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eat More Chicken in Little Rock

Well, friends and family, we are thrilled to annouce the new turn in our lives. We have been given the opportunity to own a new Free-Standing Chick-fil-A in Little Rock, AR that will open up June 28th of this year. Needless to say, this has been a wild year with many twists and turns that we never could have forseen. Fortunately, we have a Lord that is watching over us and taking care to guide and keep us as He sees best.
Right now John is in FRL in Atlanta (Foundations of Restuarant Leadership), and I am about to move us down to Little Rock with the kind and invaluable help of Scott Clark. John will be back May 18th, which we are anxiously awaiting. We are going to start out in an apartment until we know where we want to possibly buy a house. It will also be helpful to know our income.
We have a lot going on, and I will post pictures of our new Chick-fil-A that is sprouting out of the ground and actually 3 weeks ahead of schedule, which is so unusual. We will have a whole grand opening group of people coming in and a lot going on, and we are certainly very excited and ready to get it underway.