Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Making Valentine's: Lily Edition

   Well, as I type this, there is snow abundantly falling from the sky.  Again.  Really.  I must say, it is gorgeous, and when John gets home, we might even venture out into it.  We shall see.  The crazy thing is, though we are getting lots here, it does not compare to Northwest Arkansas that is already at close to 2 feet.  That is some crazy snow.  Moving on.
   There are several blogs that I love to read and get inspiration from.  One of my favorites is Under the Sycamore, and I saw this post with the cutest little Valentines that she made for her boys' classes.  I love her stuff.  I thought I might be able to modify it a bit to put onto suckers for Lily's party next week.  And so, I present - Making Valentine's: the Lily Edition.


I started by trying to get a cute picture of her to use.  This proved challenging, and I probably took close to 100.  That is the beauty of digital cameras.  I finally got one that I thought might work.


I uploaded it into iPhoto to crop it, turn it to black and white, and clean it up a bit.  Which got me to this.


I uploaded it into Flickr and added the text and speech bubble in Picnik, which got me to this.  (I did come up with the saying myself, and I think it is cute, but definitely not earth-shattering.)

Lily Val

After I had what I liked, I downloaded the picture back to iPhoto, and then I put it into a Word Document, resized it on the page and put multiple on the page.


Then I printed it out.


I then cut them out and used my corner rounder on three of the edges.


Then, I punched holes through the top and bottom with my smaller hole punch.


I put the sucker stick through the holes.


And, viola!  Cute, valentine sucker!  Personalized just for us.



Ellen said...

Yes, the NWA Snowpocalypse is tearing us apart up here. We're safe and warm, so there isn't too much to complain about.

I love the suckers! So adorable! Miss you guys!