Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daffodil Fields Forever

     It's March.  Around our house that means a couple of things.  March Madness is gearing up, and we have filled out our brackets and my bracket is ready to eat John's bracket for lunch and spit it out in little pieces.  He told me what his bracket was going to do to mine, but I am trying to keep this blog G rated, so I won't be sharing.  Another thing March means is that the daffodils at Wye Mountain, which is about a 20 minute drive from us, are in full bloom.  We have decided to make a yearly trek - here's our afternoon in pictures.


This is what Bella looked like when we arrived.  And the tree that towers over the field.

Wye 1

We took lots of pics of the girls together, but since Bella can't sit on her own and must rely on an unreliable Lily to prop her up, I realize again that these pictures reflect right where we are.  I do love them, though we never got them to both look at the camera and smile.


Lily LOVED walking through the flowers saying, "Flowers.  More flowers.  I want a yellow flower."  We told her that was not going to be a problem.

Wye 5

Bella enjoyed playing with her own flower in her stroller and being cute.

Wye 3

We tried another round of the girls sitting together.  This time, as you can see by the progression through the photos, Lily found a rock on the ground that was much more interesting than Sissy.  Good thing Bella is a good sport, and we aren't afraid of a little dirt.  I love that Lily seems surprised that Bella has fallen, and then pats her head, as if to say, "Silly, Bella.  Someday you will be able to sit up all by yourself like I can.  Until then, I've got this cool rock."

Wye 4

John and Lily picked a bouquet from the picking field, which yielded one of my favorite pictures ever.


Bella and I also enjoyed some cuddle time.

Wye 2

The flowers were gorgeous.

Wye 6

Goodbye, Wye, Arkansas - see you this summer when we return to pick berries!



Jessica said...

The one of John and Lily!!! Amazing.

Kimly said...

I like the front-side braid. Very Bachelor Contestant of you. :)

Kristin Murdock said...

That comment was a lie. It was from Kristin not Kimly. You probably figured.