Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our House: Craft Room

      At long last, it is my pleasure to say that I have "finished" my craft room.  I am sure there will be tweaking and adding along the way as I use it and figure out what works best, as well as find fun inspiration to add to it.  But, I feel like it is decorated, and I really like the way that it turned out.  (I should, since it has taken what seems like forever to complete, and I got to pick out everything.)  Some of the before pictures are in this post.  You can see how I painted the room in this post, and you can see all about the plaid wall in this post.  Oh, and the pillows on the bed are in this post.  I really have been trying to finish this for months, so it feels good to be able to say that I am done.  Here it is!

Picnik collage

After seeing a craft room on this blog, I knew I needed peg board.  I cut the peg board with a jigsaw (as glimpsed in this post) and painted it the same blue as the plaid on the walls.  I did shapes that mimicked the pattern of the curtains.  It was so fun to organize all the random things that normally float around onto the handy peg-board - John now has peg board envy.  After having two girls, I realized that I have a lot of ribbon, and now it is delightfully organized.  I used an extra pillow case that matches the sheets on the bed to make a cover for my sewing machine and sewed a ribbon around it and added a little bling.  It took about 20 minutes and was so simple!

Picnik collage

I spray painted some black shelves that I already had and lined them with my ever-growing tulle collection.  Never know when you might need to make a tutu.  Above is my 6 miles of Baker's Twine.  That is right - I said 6 miles.  If you live in the Little Rock area, please ask me for some - I will never go through this much.

Picnik collage

I saw this pin cushion idea on that same blog referenced above and had an extra frame and extra fabric - perfect!  I also love that there is room to hang the ironing board and craft apron tucked away behind the door.

Picnik collage

I recovered a lamp shade with the rest of the pillowcase and used grosgrain ribbon to disguise the lines, and I got a cheap cream sham on clearance and sewed lavender fleece ruffles onto it to give it a little more life.  Since none of our family lives in town and seems to always come in packs, it is nice to have an extra bed.

Picnik collage

I had a craft closet at our old house, and most of the stuff in the closet is directly from what I did there.  I am glad it still is quite functional.

Picnik collage

Here is the reality of that closet when you turn the corner.  You never know when you might need a Peep costume (John and I were Peeps for Halloween), and it also houses all of the picture frames that have yet to find a home in our new home.  It is a little crazy back there.


I love the view to the backyard, and the curtains (from Bed Bath and Beyond) were actually the first thing I bought for the room.  I am not sure how I decided that lavender should go with them or that there should be a plaid wall, but that is what I went with.

Picnik collage

I felt like I needed a chalk board and a bulletin board of some sort, and John was kind enough to trim them out in, what else, trim.  I love the stuff.  The pictures above the bed are from our day at Wye Mountain, shown in this post.


While it is a bit unusual (I feel like I say that a lot about how I decorate), I really like it.  It suits me, and I am so excited about the projects that I will do here.  And if you live near me, you should come over and we can craft together!


Morgan Smith said...

love it! the day we have an extra bedroom (or room at all for that matter) i am turning it into a craft room. loved the peek at the organized closet and the peek at the reality of the closet:)

Kama said...

That's awesome! Glad to see more pics of it from Today's Housewife! I have a craft room, and I've tried to organize it, but it's tiny and I don't have much storage space for the tons of stuff I have... Oh well! Yours looks great!

Carol said...

@KamaThanks, Kama! I am so thrilled to join Today's Housewife and looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Suzerella said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I have different colors in mind, but the diagonal plaid is EXACTLY what I want. I guess I'm a cockeyed sort of girl. A straight plaid has never even entered my mind. My problem was how to do the diagonal. Now I know. Thank you for the tutorial.