Sunday, June 19, 2011

Canada: Johnston Canyon and Upper Hot Springs

      This day's t-shirt would be,

"The weather is crap, but there aren't a lot of people.  Cheers."

      We hiked the trail at Johnston Canyon to get up to a place called the Inkpots.  It rained most of the hike, but the payoff was good - though we didn't choose to enjoy it long in the rain.  (Also check out Lily's face in this picture.  Bella was momentarily sitting in Lily's carrier, and Lily was not happy about it.)


The hike started off in a place that was riddled with tour buses, paved and with railings.  Makes you feel really tough.  However, it is beautiful, and I totally understand why everybody comes here.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

You hike to two main waterfalls that are gorgeous - it is amazing to see the power of that much water swirling around.  The girls took everything in.  Well, Lily enjoyed licking her rain shield and Bella slept a lot.

Picnik collage

The hike was pretty steep at times, but we made it.  One thing I love about traveling internationally is all of the people you meet along the way.  We met a British couple that gave us the t-shirt quote of the day along the way, and John spent a lot of the trail back talking with an Australian man about parenting.  You never know who you will encounter.  The Inkpots are deep pools of water that are colored aquamarine, and the meadow is ringed in by the Canadian Rockies.  Gorgeous.

Picnik collage

After the wet, sort of chilly hike, we decided to head back to Banff and go to the pool fed by thermal hot springs.  It was a good call - everybody got to relax and enjoy the warm water with mountain views all around.  Again.  Everywhere.  Gotta love the mountains.

Picnik collage

We rounded out this day (last Thursday) with dinner in the city we were staying in, Canmore.  It was an Italian restaurant that proved to be nicer than we thought it was going to be.  Thankfully, this day was much better for the girls, who were gladly entertained by their dad and Uncle Luke.  In that second photo, Lily was starting to dart off of John's lap.  So funny.