Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lilynoceros, Bellapotomus, and Tales of Everyday Antics

      John has been calling the girls "Lilynoceros" and "Bellapotomus," which has been absolutely adorable in my opinion.  Lily loves this, and I realized a couple of days ago that she thinks "noceros" is her last name.  I was just being silly with her, and I said, "Are you my Lily Spenst?"  She replied with, "No, I am Lilynoceros."  So hilarious.  She also calls Bella, "Bellapotomus," which is priceless to hear rolling off the tongue of a two year old.  Love it.  I don't want to forget these things - these are the things memories are made of.
      My dad called me "Squirrely Girly" until I became old enough to request something different.  I asked to be called, "Princess."  (Of course I asked to be called Princess.  It is so original and unassuming.)  He called my brother "Snortus," my sister "Opossum," and my littlest sister "Lambchop."  I feel like we are right on the money calling our girls Lilynoceros and Bellapotomus.  I want them to always feel loved and cherished, and I want them to feel the fun that can go along with all that love.
      And here are our little wild creatures dressed in matching halter tops - I realized today that I ♥ baby halter tops.

Picnik collage

      Speaking of feeling the fun, yesterday, while I was making meatloaf, the girls both gave up their naps pretty early.  Since I had a lot of food to prepare, into the kitchen we all went, and I allowed the girls to entertain themselves a bit.  I was only sort of paying attention to what was going on, and all afternoon, I kept feeling like I turned around to some kind of antic and/or disaster.  It started with giving Bella a juice sippy cup that I later realized was leaking like crazy.  As in, she was sitting in a puddle of juice.


And, I let her sit there a while, because she was literally splashing in it and happy.  Then Lily asked to sit on the counter to "help cook."  She began by using a can opener to open the bottle of Pam, which I have never thought to try.

Picnik collage

Then, she filled a bowl I was just about to use with an assortment of items.

Picnik collage

I really felt like even though I was in the room, I was constantly being surprised by something else strange or messy that was taking place.  

Picnik collage
(not strange, but very messy.)

Exhibit A on Strangeness.  Lily eats broccoli.

Picnik collage

The strangest part of this is when she said, "I like it." And kept right on chewing on that giant stem.  Then, there was the silverware rearranging portion of the afternoon.

(Bella is trying to drink from a measuring cup in the background.)

And, lastly, the portion of the afternoon where we bring lots of randomness for Bella to play with.


Being a mom to these two little friends is beyond priceless.  I am so thankful that the Lord gives us moments like these, when there are a lot of other hard moments.  Today may be a double-header day for the blog.  We put some of the finishing touches on our kid's deck, and I am headed downstairs to take pictures of it.  I may get a post up before it is all said and done.