Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Round Two

      Well, it is well-after bed time, but I am lasting on with the sugar high from the Smarties and the s'more that I consumed.  I do love the fun of Halloween.  We were the Birds and the Bees.


I kept the girls in their costumes all the live long day, because they are very wearable, and it is fun to spread holiday cheer to everyone.  This picture is from a random man's iPhone in our CFA dining room during lunch.  They both looked and sort of smiled - I wondered what he had that I don't to cause this behavior.


Tonight we had friends over for trick-or-treating.  I got a picture of one of the families that went with us. (Their children are really good at smiling at the camera.)


The Bees were ready to head out for candy.  Bella was really excited - she loves anything that has anything to do with consumption of anything.


Our neighborhood is a little over the top crazy for Halloween, which we discovered last year.  So, there are lots of houses with candy and lots of decoration.  We really only did one area and kept having to empty their treat bags into other bags since they were filling up.  At one house, they gave us slap bracelets and toys.  The kids were so cute, and I actually heard Lily say "Thank You" to an adult that she didn't know, which warmed my heart so much.


Somehow, Bella got a hold of a Tootsie Pop, and by the time we really realized it, this is what we found.


We gave it back to her, because she was so distraught over us prying it out of her little hand.


And, she held on to it the rest of the night.


We got a picture with all the kiddos.  So fun!


Then, we did s'mores and apple cider while we passed out candy to the masses of trick-or-treaters that came by.  One of the girls over at our house kept calling them "customers."  "We have more customers!"  And Lily basically repeated everything she said.  Hilarious.  Such a fun night.  Such great friends.  Such great memories.


I cannot believe tomorrow is November, and that we are ushering in the holiday season.  I love that we have a month of gratitude to look forward to!


Ellen said...

I actually laughed out loud at all the pics of Bella. She is either smiling really big or screaming with delight! So adorable!

I guess I'm partially to blame for the Tootsie pop... it wasn't her first. :)

Kristin Murdock said...

AAAAH! Bella's huge excited faces are the sweetest, most hilarious thing!