Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Lily's First Performance

      I think that sometimes Lily may get a bad rap on this blog.  She is really a very sweet girl - truly, she is. She is learning to say "Please" and "Thank You" on her own and is almost always kind to Bella.  And, all of her teachers seem to genuinely like her and say that she is a pleasant and well-behaved child.  Much of the time at home, she is pleasant and well-behaved as well.  Until she isn't.  Which I guess is how most of us are, and it usually does come out at home.
      Anyway, yesterday was her first "performance" at my church Bible study group.  All the kiddos ages two and up were set to perform, and since I have been seeing this for the past three years, I was really looking forward to seeing Lily in it this year.  John came, and we had our money on Lily staring blankly through much of the singing.  We were not disappointed.  So far, when it comes to performing of any kind, Lily has no use for it.  Here are the pictures and the play by play narration of what was happening.
      Some pictures are courtesy of my dear friend, Lindsay, who was up much closer than we were.  (When your husband is 6 foot 4 inches, you typically stand in the back out of respect for others.)

The children are herded out and corralled onto the stage.  Lily sits and waits patiently.

Apr-Nov 11 042

The children stand to sing "Father Abraham."  Lily remains seated, staring blankly.


They sit back down between some of the songs.  Lily continues to stare blankly.  We think she could see us.  She will never tell.


During the singing of "Be Careful Little Eyes What You See," Lily becomes slightly more animated.  She is especially concerned for what her little hands will do and where her little feet will go.  So concerned, in fact, that her little feet keep moving throughout the entirety of the song.  So cute.

Apr-Nov 11 049

Here's a shot of the whole group.  This age of children is so entertaining to watch, because they have so little care for what is expected of them.  Kids were pulling up their shirts, some were waving madly at their parents and others were crying in their teachers laps.  You just never know what to expect.  It was a large group, so I am not surprised that Lily was overwhelmed.


For whatever reason, at one point most other children were seated, and Lily chose to stand.  I definitely don't want to crush that spirit.


All in all, it was enjoyable to watch, and it was so fun to see all the kids.  Plus, I love seeing John in the middle of the day.  Afterwards, we got to give her a hug as she headed back to class.  She joyfully hugged us both and grabbed right back on to the blue strap that was leading her back to class.  Sweet girl.  It was everything I imagined this day would be!