Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Cookie Exchange and Fondue Night: the Last Round of Parties

      So, on Tuesday, we had two more parties.  Today, Lily asked me when we were having another party. I was thankful to be able to say that we were done.  She was sad.  Turns out she likes having parties.  I hosted a Cookie Exchange for my Bloom group.  It was the 2nd annual, and most of the group was able to make it, which was so much fun.  There were also 11 little children, so that made it a little chaotic.  The cookie spread was spectacular.


That zebra-striped box was full of the most delicious, decadent brownies that I need the recipe for (hint, hint Anna).  Everyone did such a great job bringing beautiful, tasty treats!  The kiddos played and the mamas talked and ate cookies.  Such festive fun.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

Later that night, we went out with our Community Group for a progressive Christmas dinner and ended with dessert at our house.  Also, there was a really great gift exchange, and I majorly scored receiving a stoneware ceramic pitcher handmade by the dad of someone in our group.  I had to steal it, but that was worth it.  And, Keri, your picture is on the blog.  Enjoy.


Pay no attention to John's face in that last picture.  We can't really discuss on the blog what he was doing.  Again, I will say it.  We are so blessed with community.  And, though I am glad to be hosting no more parties before Christmas, I am so thankful to have spent time with the people in our lives.  What a privilege.


Anonymous said...

all that food looks amazing!