Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend: Chick-fil-A Christmas Party Mayhem

      Do you guys like the Mayhem commercials?  They are some of our favorites.  I felt like Mayhem came this weekend in the form of Christmas parties.  Here are the highlights, mostly in pictures.
      Here are the Spenst family photo booth sessions - apparently Bella likes to look to the side and Lily does whatever she feels like doing when we take pictures.


      On Friday night, we hosted our operator party for Central Arkansas CFA peeps.  It was a jolly good time.  There was lots of food and a really funny gift exchange.  Here is Tim opening bread up from Dale.  Later, we discovered that $2 bills and other random treats were between the slices.  Other highlight gifts included the Big Mac from last year (not kidding) and a picture of Papa Bear Alan, also from last year.


Here is Lily, taking on a Petit Four.  I must say, the girls get MVP status for their behavior at both parties.  They were delightful.


And, here's Bella with Papa Bear Alan.


Let's just say, these gloves were the gift of the night.


Here is a slide-show of the Christmas Photo Booth from Friday night.  I am planning to email out these pictures to you guys - promise!

On Sunday, we had our all-team Christmas party, which was so much fun.  We had the cow out to make sure people knew which house was ours.  Also, it really trips out our neighbors.


Our amazing team provided most of the food for the party, and I must say, it is fantastic to have real-deal Mexican food show up at your house in bulk.  Everyone loved it!


The girls loved being loved on by everyone.


And doing a bilingual gift exchange in our living room is always a highlight.


Ms. Frances drew names for the awesome door prizes.


You should come work for us.  That's all I'm saying.  It was a great time, and I am so thankful for the people that God brings to work for us.  They are a special group.  Here's the photo booth slideshow from our team party.

There was a lot of clean-up, but it is worth it to be able to have such joyous events.  So, we felt like this, when it was over -


But, it was fun.  Also, who has a beard that's long and white?  Lily has a beard that's long and white!



Anonymous said...

it looks like a great time for sure! I always love Chick-Fil-A. We have just started our own business and are trying to use CFA model with closing Sundays and a few other things. Such an awesome company!