Monday, March 19, 2012

Elephant Shower for Baby Davis, Part Two: People and Gifts

      Late last night, I posted a bit of Ellen's baby shower, and today I am going to post the rest.  So many people came, and it was such a blessing to see the people that surround Ellen and Luke with love.  Ellen had an absolute mass of presents to open and got some of the cutest things.


Super cute owl in nursery colors, made by someone.


Arkansas Razorback Sock Monkey.


Specially crocheted Kansas City Chiefs baby helmet.  Luke's favorite gift.


Luke's other favorite gift, a rainbow hat.  AKA, a beautifully quilted tea cozy for Ellen's tea.


There were some very cute mini-guests in attendance.  I didn't get a picture of every baby - two were just at a month old, so sweet.  Here's a precious little 5 month old that I wanted to gobble up.


This little boy did want to gobble her up, and watching him try to plant a kiss right on her was so adorable.


Here are the McCulley sisters, though we missed having Ashley there.  Do you think our hands are creepy or not?  We thought it was funny.


Sisters with mom and pseudo-sister Krysten.


Ellen with the other hostess, Christy.  She brought the best Pomegranate Punch.


Ellen and her college best friends, Jeran, Rebekah and Lauren, spelling JERL, as they have for years.  Love these sweet girls.


All in all, it was such a fun shower to plan, and even more fun to attend with such great friends and family in attendance.  We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Davis.  I took some pictures of the nursery, and I need to ask Ellen if I can share those here - it looks amazing.  All ready for a precious baby boy.