Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sister's House: Baby Nursery

      I mentioned that I might post pictures of Luke and Ellen's nursery, and after asking Ellen's permission, here they are!  Ellen has a fun style that I have showed off before on the blog.  I love many things about the nursery in particular: it's unique, it includes old barn wood, Ellen painted the curtains, and it is for my nephew.  Here's a sneak peek.


      They built a wall across the corner using old barn wood, which makes a fantastic feature wall for the crib.  Ellen did actually paint the curtains, because she says she couldn't find the exact fabric that she wanted.  She also made all the bedding - here's a close-up.  Yes, she's got talent.


They also built the window cornices and covered them with fabric that matches the bedding.


This wall is waiting for big gorgeous pictures by Main Street Studios.  Can't wait to see them!


She got lots of cute things from the shower that I'm sure will find a home in the nursery, so it will be fun to see how it all comes together in the end.  Looking forward to meeting Baby Davis!