Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend: Wye Mountain Daffodils

      This weekend brought much into our lives - sunshine, rain, family, flowers and fun, just to name a few.  John's sister and bro-in-law, Becka and Jessee came to visit and brought their son, Shane, who we got to meet for the first time.  We took the opportunity to head to Wye Mountain and enjoy some of the gorgeous weather on Saturday and take in the daffodils.  I love having this yearly tradition - you can see last year's daffodil pictures by clicking here.
      We went in the late afternoon on an overcast day, so we were able to get some fun pictures.  Here are the Eppleys.


And some of baby Shane.  He sure is precious - having a nephew is such fun!  (glad I feel that way, since we will be getting two more in the upcoming months!)


Here I think he must be thinking, "Why, yes.  Laying in this pile of daffodil stems sure is fun."


My personal favorite of Shane.


The girls LOVED their time in the field.  There is a picking section where we focused our time, and the girls loved bringing flowers to John.

(He was hungry for daffodils.)
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

We took a bunch of pictures of the girls, which involved bribery and us paying off the church staff that mans the place for the extra daffodils that got picked outside of the picking section.  Bella was never able to make that distinction.


Sadly, that last picture doesn't have a soundtrack to go along with it.  Bella has been doing a "maniacal laugh" that sounds crazy, and she clenches her fists along with it.  Hilarious.  She will often do it out of nowhere, and she will almost definitely do it if prompted by one of us doing it.  Awesome.  We added baby Shane to the mix to get a cousin picture, which was a bit tricky.  After convincing Lily it was a good idea to hold baby Shane, it was just a matter of getting them all to look and smile at the same time.  Which never happened.


Lastly, we tried a family shot.  Both girls are chewing on treats to get them to stay sort of still.  Again, this is just what we get at this stage in the game.  It is where we are at.


And these are my favorite pictures of the girls individually - it really is a magical place.


Peace out, daffa-daffa-dill-yas.  See you next year.


Elizabeth said...

I went to Wye Mountain growing up and I loved it! I was just telling my big kids about it and wishing we could go-it's been years.

I love the first cousin picture! It'll be years before you'll get one where they are all looking at the camera, but I think it's cute when they're all doing their own thing. Shows their sweet personalities!

Linds said...

I love these pics! And I LOVE Wye Mountain! It's been a point of mine to make it down there with my kids. Obviously I'm not doing well on that point, as both have yet to have pictures taken with the pretty flowers :/