Saturday, April 21, 2012

Asia Adventure: Bangkok

      Because we knew we would be fatigued from the travel, not a whole lot was planned for today.  So, the Bennos took us to some of their favorite places to spend time while here.  Breakfast at the guest house this morning had delicious home made cinnamon rolls - what a great start to any trip!


Also at breakfast, we saw this bag.  Nothing like having CFA icon greet you in Thailand.  We also met a couple that went to John Brown University - the world is, in fact, tiny.


One highlight of the morning was riding the air-conditioned Sky Train around the city, which gave us a great birds' eye view of Bangkok.


Gotta love crazy milkshake mascots by KFC in the train station.  I am always amazed and maybe slightly depressed at how much American culture has been exported around the world.


The kids all loved the Sky Train.


We had lunch at an international chicken chain restaurant that John and Greg ate at while they were in Zimbabwe together many moons ago.  I got the Thai version of Diet Coke.  It drinks the same in any language, thankfully.


One cultural highlight of the day was us all piling in to a Tuk Tuk - one of those little motorized taxi things.  If there had been two, we would have taken two, but there was one, so we fit our party of eight in it - much to the delight of our Tuk Tuk driver and the other drivers who heckled us along the way.


After lunch, we came back for much needed naps.


Then, Bella sank some hoops.  Okay.  Not really.  She sort of threw the ball.  We have always said that if either of our children are blessed with athletic ability, we will wonder whose they really are.


Next came the low-light of our day.  Not because it was a bad activity - mainly because the girls were so tired and whiny.  We wandered through a night market, and both girls pretty much completely melted down, tragically.



Side note - I saw these power lines.  I do not know how that can possibly work, but it does.  Somehow.


After a whiny 45 minutes or so, dinner came to the rescue.  Greg and Jennifer had a gorgeous Thai restaurant picked out for us to try, and the food was delicious.  I mean, really delicious.  We have always like Thai food in America, so it was nice to know that it was even better in Thailand.  Which makes sense.

Jennifer had a book that she read to all the kids, which was a mjaor hit.


Lily was the one that had been the whiniest, but once the lemonade hit, she did much better.  All in all, the meal went pretty well.



Isn't this table awesome?  We loved sitting on cushions while having fans blow on us.


Bangkok was a smashing success for the most part.  It is truly amazing to be on the other side of the world experiencing things that are a world away from our normal lives.  I am so thankful to be here.


MH said...

John looks enormous next to the milk shake mascot! Hilarious! Praying for you guys. So glad all is well. -MH

Amber said...

What an interesting trip. That table really looks awesome and then to have fans blowing on you even better!

Morgan Smith said...

oh how i am enjoying these asia posts!! you said it was supposed to be hot,,, and it looks like yall were right. and that pic of bella with the basketball! love it:) praying for more safe and comfortable travel for yall