Thursday, May 17, 2012

That Moment

      Our days are made up of mere moments.  The last week or so, I have been chronicling a few of them in my mind and chuckling to myself.  Here are some of the moments that have made my week go round.

That moment when I am standing outside the car, with both girls buckled into their car seats.  I am savoring that moment, because it is quiet outside the car, and I don't know how much screaming will greet me when I reopen the door.

That moment when I am so thankful for a night out without our children to be able to talk to John without anyone but the drunk girl stumbling into the restaurant interrupting us.  I forgave her, since she headed to the outdoor patio.  And, I got to eat this deliciousness of a salad.


That moment when I realize my baby girl is getting bigger all the time.  Let's capture that moment with my iPhone.


That moment when I am trying on sunglasses at Target and see something scamper by in my peripheral vision.  Upon further investigation, I discover that there is a raccoon loose in our Target.  Employees are stalking it through the women's clothing section, carrying clear plastic tubs to try to trap it.  I hear one say, "Let's chase it to the fitting room!"  How I wish I had captured some of that moment on video. It was a riot to watch the employees chase it, and to see that poor raccoon running to and fro.  It did finally get herded out the front door, which seemed to make much more sense to me than the fitting room idea.

That moment when I realize that putting a romper on my belly-button obsessed child might make her angry.  Cue screaming.

That moment when I realize that for whatever reason, my children are always eating on and off of the floor.  No wonder my floors are perpetually dirty.


That moment when both of the girls want to gnaw on broccoli stalks.  Does that moment only happen to me?  And, again, we are sitting on the floor while eating.


That moment when we leave the Hunger Games movie and John says, "What kind of crazy stuff have you been reading?  That was messed up."

That moment when fallen broccoli is mocking me from the floor.  In that moment I think, "At least I am trying to feed my kids vegetables today."  And, "I am so thankful to have vegetables to be able to feed my kids."  Food on the floor is a first world problem.

That moment, every other stay-at-home-mom knows this one well, the one when daddy comes home.  That moment came later for us last night, because this is a big week at the store.  But, when it came, it was glorious.


Then came the moment when, every night as part of our bedtime routine, we read the Bible and cuddle on the couch.  I love that moment, because I am touching all of the people that matter most to me in the world.  They are literally at my fingertips, and I love it.  I sometimes wish that moment could last forever.  But, most nights, I am also pretty happy to see that moment pass by, because it ushers the way for the moment when both girls are in bed, and I get to have my hubby all to myself.  That moment is pretty great, too.


the osbornes said...

I love this! I laughed at John's comment on the Hunger Games :)