Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Things I Learned on Tuesday

      Tuesday morning brought two interesting developments in our world.  First off, I DO NOT HAVE TB.  Apparently, I never had TB.  So this post and even mentioning it in this post is all drama.  For the last four years, I have lived with false knowledge about my life, which has mostly been a source of amusement and sort of a headache, since I have been to the TB clinic multiple times.  Glad I did the blood test and found out for sure that I do not have it.
      Secondly, on Tuesday, I went to the doctor to talk about potty training.  If you read this post, back in March, you know that we never really got anywhere.  Mostly this has not been a huge concern, and quite frankly, diapers are easier (though expensive).  However, I was beginning to realize that nothing at all was happening or helping or progressing in any way.  So, I made an appointment with our pediatrician.  I felt like we had completely stalled out, and I was at the end of ideas for what to try next. I also wanted to make sure that we were not dealing with a physical issue; I know that is a not likely, but I wanted to be certain.
      Our pediatrician (whom I adore) was so gracious and kind.  She told me that I had already tried anything she would tell a mother to try, which was encouraging news.  She ran me through the few options of what it could be physically, with the caveat that most of those were really unlikely and would usually reveal themselves in a different way.  We do have an ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys scheduled at ACH next week to be sure.
      She also confirmed what I have been thinking this whole time.  This is probably in Lily's head, and I need help learning how to motivate her.  She referred us to a child psychologist to help figure out what next steps we should take.  The doctor also said that she doesn't really start to worry about kids until after they are four and still not potty-trained, but she said since I had already done everything normally suggested with no success that it might be time for reinforcements.  So, there you have it.  We will be heading to therapy at the end of July for potty training (seems a bit ridiculous) unless something drastic happens between now and then.
      It does make me feel a bit crazy that this is the step we are on, and I am sure that this is probably some combination of my personality as well as Lily's.  It is good to know that there is someone that can help us, and hopefully, we can get started down that path.  Here goes nothing.


At this rate, it is possible that Bella will potty train around the same time as Lily.  Hopefully, she will be a bit easier - or at least, I will have a lot more tricks in my bag after having gone to therapy for it.


I love this girl so much, and if this is what it takes to get on the right track, then this is what we will do.  I have a feeling that someday we will laugh quite heartily at this.  (I hope so.)


Laura said...

My friend Lindsey sent me a link to this post. :) She remembered how much I hated potty training my daughter. I always said that if I hadn't already had another kid that I would only have one!

I spent a year trying to get Liza potty trained. Read books. Tried EVERYTHING. Seriously... no one has ever mentioned something I did not try. I wanted to pull my hair out. The girl just did. not. care.

She was at least three and a half when one day a friend was over that was already wearing big girl panties. Friend had to pee so I took Liza to the bathroom to hang out with her. (We had tried this before with failure.) I have no idea what happened in her head but something clicked and that was the day she decided to start using the toilet and be a big girl. I think we've had two accidents since and no wet nights. It's been two years.

My Liza KNEW how to use the toilet and could stay dry when she wanted to... she just didn't want to. Until that one day. It was her decision and I don't think I really had any control over it... even though all the books tricked me into thinking I did!

My kids are 17 months apart... I decided to wait till my son was at least 3 1/2 to even start with the potty training. It went much much easier.

So hopefully with your daughter it isn't anything physically wrong and just a case of the stubborns. (Which isn't fun either!) You aren't the only one who has a kid that isn't potty trained it 18 months.:) I know it can be the most frustrating thing... but honestly... with a lot of people that have their kids potty trained young I think it's a lot because the mom or dad is constantly telling the kid to go.

Your day will come! And what a glorious day it will be! Hang in there.