Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend: Too Much Fun to Put in a Title

      Weekends are made for having fun, and this one lived up to any hype that one fun weekend could have.  We kicked it off by meeting great friends in Memphis for a Norah Jones concert.


Seeing this sweet friend preggers and talking baby talk was such fun, while the guys talked CFA.  (She really is super cute!)


5 hours total in the car that day went by surprisingly fast with this handsome guy by my side, and Norah was worth the drive.


Saturday morning brought an awesome birthday party that the girls loved.  Saturday night brought several amazing experiences.  First up - the Race to Remember, a race honoring babies that have been lost.  Back in March, I wrote about this sweet friend, and we joined a team to honor her boys.  Since everyone there was running (or walking in my case.  it was just too hot for running that night for me) in honor of someone, it was an emotional atmosphere - sadness mixed with joy in the good and hope for the future.


John did run with the girls cause he is an awesome running stud.


Love any race that ends with precious cupcakes.


So glad we got to go and support a dear friend, and the race had an amazing turn out.

For those wondering about the college guy living with us - here's wonderful Robert.  He activity hopped with us Saturday night.


Our second activity that night was the Hot Air Balloon festival at War Memorial.  I was so excited, because I have a thing for hot air balloons.  Turns out, lots of people feel the same way.  It was very well attended, and the atmosphere was a bit magical.  We got there as the sun was setting, in time to see the last few balloons inflating and experience the "Balloon Glow," where all of the balloons light up at the same time.  The girls were transfixed.


The guys got to help get a balloon inflated.  It pays to be in the right place at the right time.


The glow at the end was really cool to see - the only downside was that Lily did not like being close to the "Big Fire," which I guess could be a bit scary.

Hope your weekend was full of fun!