Tuesday, July 03, 2012


The lake was calling, and we answered.  We were looking for an easy, quick get-away with friends, and Hot Springs fit the bill.  The last time these friends came to town, we just hung out in the Rock, so it was a fun change of scenery and absolutely wonderful to be with friends who are like family.

This weekend, like most, was filled with highs and lows.  Here's my list.

High: eating a delicious BBQ dinner at McClard's.


Low: a bottle of BBQ sauce, open and hitting the floor, spraying one sweet girl and the floor with sauce

High: Hanging out with fantastic friends and seeing what great parents and people they are.  They rock my world.


Low: These two little girls have opposite personalities, which created some conflict.  Unfortunately, you cannot tell a two and a three year old to just "work it out."  Thankfully, they are still friends at the end of the day.


High: Cruising downtown Hot Springs with all our little friends in tow and getting to catch up on life.  Also, realizing that Steph and I have, again, bought something the same.  (In the past, we have purchased the same couches, outfits and cars, inadvertently.)  This time it was the same Target sunglasses.


Low: It was flipping hot outside.  After going to Asia and experiencing the "Hot Season" there, I am wondering why we don't refer to July and August as "Hot Season".  "Summer" sounds so pleasant. "Hot Season" is what it really is.  Just a thought.

High: Seeing geese from our balcony.


High: Renting a boat for the day and having a wonderful time out on the water.


Low:  Putting a life jacket on Bella.  It took two adults and involved biting, head-butting and scratching, along with screaming and head-banging-on-the-ground once the life jacket was on.
Here's Bella's "Jacket This" face.


High: Tubing with the older girls.  All the adults got a turn.


High: Sweet sleeping boy.


Low: Putting a life jacket on Bella.

High:  Driving the boat to dinner and parking it on the lake.  Fisherman's Wharf was super tasty, and feeding the fish off the dock made this little one ecstatic.  She also liked trying to eat the extra fish food off the ground.  Builds immunity.


High: Lily enjoying the outdoor fan after dinner.


Low: Putting a life jacket on Bella.

High: Enjoying dusk on the water.


High:  Gathering of the Yellow Jackets.  Goldfish are always a hit.


Low:  Bella still being mad about the life jacket.  Such angst.


All in all, it was a really great weekend with even greater friends.  Hot Springs did us right.  Oh - and a High I forgot - the Olympic Trials.  Whose excited about London?  Pick me!


Anne Sharp said...

I kind of feel like you have discovered the title to your book some day..."Putting a Life Jacket On Bella and Other Family Tales."

Elizabeth said...

I love Hot Springs-went there a lot in high school to ballroom dance at the Arlington on the weekends.

Those darn lifejackets! Aiden hates them too, but he also has no fear of the water so it's completely necessary. You'd think we were putting them in straitjackets-torture!

Linds said...

LOL about Bella. Brayden was the same way in a life jacket, still is actually. Just an FYI that the little floaties that go around both their arms and their chest (not sure what they're called???) are coast guard certified, which means that kids can wear them on a boat too! Genius and WAY better than the gnashing of teeth that comes with the life jackets.

Amy said...

Looks so fun! Hilarious about the Bella and the life jacket. (ps... I totally read your blog all the time, and love it, so I thought I should say hi :) )

Heidi said...

I seriously laughed out loud about the lifejacket saga with Bella! Ahhh, toddlers. They make life so interesting.

Anonymous said...

lol. our youngest LOVES our boat rides and HATES her life jacket as much as your wee one!!

kate said...

visiting from embracing the camera...i love the lifejacket pics of all of the kids, looks like an amazing weekend!