Sunday, September 09, 2012


This weekend held ups and downs, which is standard weekend fare with small kids and life in general, I guess.  We can all agree that the Hogs game was an unmitigated disastrous low that was hard to watch.  We kept switching the channel, because it was so painful.  The girls and I went to this fun birthday party, which was definitely a high, plus a sugar high to boot.  Our major event this weekend was the Little Rock Air Show, and it was good fun.  I may even include it on our Arkansas Bucket List that I am working on composing.

Here's a run down of the Highs and Lows from the Air Show.

High: Seeing fun helicopters and airplanes even as we were driving in.  It kept the girls entertained as the traffic was a bit slow, and these guys were parachuting out while we were walking to the air field, which the girls loved.


High: Getting to walk through and see huge amazing airplanes up close and personal.


Low: Though the weather was amazingly gorgeous and so much better than it has been, walking around a giant concrete pad with little shade was a bit hot for girlies during their should-be nap time.  We made the mistake of ordering frozen lemonade that we discovered after the fact came with no lids.  Let's just say, it was a sticky mess.  Tasty, but really sugary sticky.


Low:  For anyone who read this post, you will know that Bella despises safety gear.  Trying to get her ears covered anytime planes flew over low was very hard.  She was not interested in any way and made that quite clear with screaming, head-shaking and trying to throw herself to the ground in extreme moments, which seem to be all of them for an almost two year old.

High: Just as we were beginning to melt down, we met up with our friends.  Friends make everything better.


High:  Seeing the Blue Angels fly.  Though I had a bit of trepidation about attending an air show, because you always hear about accidents, it was amazing to see these planes do tricks.


Low: Trying to cover Bella's ears.  It looked a lot like Courtney trying to cover Emerson's ears.  He is a few months younger than Bella and also had no interest in having his ears protected with any of the gear that we brought for them all.


High: Seriously, the Blue Angels were amazing, though I never want to take a ride like that.  The sky really was this blue - a perfect, cloudless day for the planes.


High: After all of the ear-covering drama with Bella, we figured out that she would sit in our friends' laps and let them cover her ears.  Of course.


High:  Family fun at its best.  My kids may not know how to write their names yet, but by golly, we are good at getting out and having fun with them.  (Though Lily does not look like she is having fun in this picture.)


High: Having a really tall husband scout the traffic and find the fast way out of the parking lot that was a giant sea of cars and people all trying to leave.

It was good.  Go to the Air Show next year if you get the chance, especially if your kids are older than two and want to preserve their hearing.


Mom Spenst said...

The Blue Angels truly are amazing to watch. Since in my childhood days we lived under the flight pattern for an Air Force base, we got to see them several times. One time that stands out to me was when we were climbing on top of our neighbors roof to watch them when all of a sudden they flew over so low we could see the pilots!!