Monday, October 29, 2012


For the fifth year in a row, we headed to the Buffalo River Valley in Northern Arkansas to enjoy the fall colors by staying in a cabin and hiking.  It has become a very favorite fall tradition for us (here's last year's trip), and this year was no different.  Here are the highs and lows.

High:  Gorgeous, fall-perfection weather.  Chilly, but not too cold, and sunny.  The colors were vibrant, and it was fall magic.


Low:  As we were headed there, maybe a bit quickly, on windy, hilly roads, Lily started to complain that her neck was hurting.  We thought it was pressure in her ears, but she kept whimpering.  After this experience, we should have known right away.  She was car sick, and just as we were debating on whether or not we should stop, she threw up.  Five minutes away from our destination.  So yeah, that was pretty disgusting.

High:  Getting to hang out with our dear friend, Becci, and my sis, Ellen and bro-in-law, Luke.  Their son, True, is the smiliest, happiest baby of all time.


Low:  Bella throwing a fit about wanting to get back into the car immediately on arrival.  The car bore witness to this event.


High:  HIking Hawk's Bill Crag, formally known as Whitaker Point, on a gorgeous fall day.  It is said to be the most photographed spot in Arkansas, and it always lives up to the hype.


Low:  On the way back, Lily decided that she was over hiking.  To be fair, she had hiked a long way and done awesome.  But she was heavy to carry back.  John carried both girls for a while and told me he was angling for Father of the Year.  Aunt Ellen also took a turn.  It takes a village.


High:  Soaking in the natural beauty abounding, including the fields full of elk and the view from our cabin.  God spent a lot of time and love on Ponca.


Low:  Our car smelling like vomit.

High:  Enjoying some epically good food on this little trip.  The stars and menus aligned in our favor.  I will probably blog a recipe for the Bacon/Apple/Goat Cheese Burgers we enjoyed, and our amazing breakfast was not to be missed.


Low:  Cleaning up the stuff that had vomit on it.

High:  Late night gaming.  Games feel like vacation.


High:  Waking up to our girls, who were sharing a room, "talking" and being able to laugh heartily at this conversation.

Bella:  (screaming) WAKE UP!  WAKE UP!  Good night. (whispered)  WAKE UP!
Lily:  People don't want you to talk loud.  They want you to be quiet.  Lay down.  Shhh.
L:  You've got to sleep.  Go to sleep.  Shhh.  Mommy will come in a minute.  She will.  She'll come.  In five minutes, okay?  When you wake up again, we will go downstairs.
B:  Oh, poopy girl.  Good night!  (starts doing a strange little dance the girls call the "Begge dance" where they sort of run in place and move their arms and say "I do my begge.  I do my begge."  We have no idea where this came from - Lily seems to have invented it.)
L:  You are being silly, Bella!  You want to eat my soft puppy?
B:  Yeah!

At that point, I went downstairs to check on breakfast, and we got the girls up shortly after.  Hilarious.


High:  Hiking in Lost Valley this morning, which is always gorgeous.


High:  Having Luke take our family pictures for Christmas cards.  He's so awesome.

Low:  Trying to wrangle Bella for family pictures.  I basically kept feeding her Icebreaker Sours, so though her attitude was quite sour, she had great breath.  She then decided she was over hiking and being carried by John.  I ended up carrying her 33 lb self through the valley, so we wouldn't disturb every one else's tranquility.  She wore herself out and fell asleep on me at the end.  Which was really sweet, but even heavier to carry.  Love that girl, but she is some kind of intense.



That wraps it up.  It was amazing and just what we needed, though now we need to get a little more sleep.  Late night gaming is awesome, but it does rob your sleep a bit.


Meaghan said...

Gorgeous pics! Looks like a great trip!