Monday, October 15, 2012


This weekend we headed up to Fayetteville for a fun time with some of our community group.  As per usual life, there were highs and lows - here's a run down.

High:  The guys had a great time running in the Chile Pepper 10K on Saturday morning.  They had gone up on Friday night to be able to make the race and loved running it, and I heard they had some pretty great tacos at 9 a.m.  Way to run like the wind, guys!


High:  Riding up on Saturday morning sans kiddos with these lovely ladies.  We didn't need any entertainment other than our own adult conversation.


High:  Arriving in Fayetteville to find that the guys had booked us all massages for the afternoon.  They all got lots of points.  We spent a while debating how many points and what those points could possibly be redeemed for.  The massages were amazing, and a high quantity of points was bestowed upon our lovely husbands.


High:  Eating a late lunch at Noodles and hearing about how the Matt on the left of this picture of the Matts saved a life in the locker room of the Fayetteville Athletic Club.  Yes, he did.  The story involves some nudity (most locker rooms do), conversation with an awkward stranger and what looked to be skin cancer on the overly talkative and completely unaware stranger's back.


High: Heading to the Razorback game.  So fun hanging out with the friends we came with, and we got to spend a bit catching up with other great friends, Josh and Stef.  What a treat!


High:  Hanging out with this guy all day.  This is right before the game's first rain delay.


Low:  It started storming like crazy, and we were herded into the lowest level of the stadium because of a tornado watch while the game was paused.


High:  There was a break in the weather, and we were welcomed back to the field to see another round of the Razorbacks killing Kentucky.  WPS - that's Woo Pig Sooie for anyone that's not from around here.


High:  At least, it was interesting.  Randy Jackson from American Idol popped out of a golf cart at midfield during the shortened half time to tell a girl she had been chosen to audition for the show.  Kind of bizarre.


Low:  Right after we called the Hogs for American Idol, I got the radar to pull up on my phone and was looking at this.


Low:  Upon seeing this, we decided to flee the stadium and try to load the buses.  It was sort of pandemonium, and there was really no functioning system for a line.  We ended up waiting a long time while the storm rolled in in full force.

There was a lot of wind.


And a lot of rain, which is not really captured in this picture, but it was raining really hard at this point.


Low:  Having to run for our lives to get onto a bus.  We decided we were not going to be left behind, and chaos totally ensued.  Steven yelled, "Welcome to the 75th annual Hunger Games!" and it felt like getting on the bus was life or death.

Low:  Finally boarding a packed bus and having the air filled with the overwhelming smell of human fart.  Everyone was horrified.  A lady in the back very loudly said, "Oh Mylanta.  I can't believe someone did that in here."

Low:  The storm followed us all the way home, so the drive was a bit wearing.  John earned even more points for doing the driving.


High:  We did get to stop at Braum's for food and ice cream at 10:45 p.m.  Yum.

It was great fun.  The game was called very shortly after we left.  Our girls had a marvelous day with our delightful babysitter, and we rejoiced in the gift of friendship that we got to enjoy all day long!
(We missed you, Heads and Kinzlers - next time!)