Friday, October 26, 2012


Last week I wrote about moments.  This week I want to capture my week in the little things.  Which I guess could also be called moments.  I am not very original after all.  Oh, well.  Here are the little things that I liked this week.  I love keeping a record of things to be thankful for, good and bad.  This blog is such an encouragement to always be thankful.  There's also a quote I read in Jennie Allen's book, Anything, that keeps sticking with me.  She is actually quoting someone else who said, "You have to thank God for the seemingly good and the seemingly bad because really, you don't know the difference."

Isn't that absolute brilliance?  I mean, really.  I do not know what all God has in store for our lives, but I do know that he works all things for good.  He promises to do that.  So, even the big, bad stuff that happens - he is working that to good.  And often, I feel that he is working the little bad stuff, the annoying, nit-picky things that may drive us crazy, he is using those to refine in ways that I can't fathom.  I need him to do that, because I can clearly see that my plans and intentions are never right without him.

Here are some of the little things I have to be thankful for this week.

This experience and then subsequent conversation with my husband -

This sweet child


can be a bit of a terror at the grocery store currently.  I think it has something to do with her turning two.  Or just her being Bella.  Jury's still out on that one.  As I was standing in line, she hands me a Rolo that seemed to come from mid-air.  Upon further investigation, I discover that there is a Rolo pack that is snapped clean in half.

I honestly didn't think she had time to do this, but I didn't want to dodge out of something that I should be responsible for.  So, I showed the cashier and said that I didn't think my daughter had done it, but she might have and either way, I could pay for it.  And also, that I was sorry.  As I was standing there, I realized he probably thought I was just trying to get out of paying for it, so I said, "She may have done it.  I don't know.  I really can pay for it."  He kindly didn't make me pay, but I am sure thought I was nuts.

As I was relating this story to John, his first comment was.

"Of course she did it.  She has the strength of a thousand camels."

I am still laughing about it.  Neither of us know from whence this camel concept struck him, but I am glad it did.  And, he's probably right.  She probably did snap that Rolo pack right in half.  She could smell the chocolate, after all.

We are noticing the little things about Lily right now that are making our lives richer.  She is in a better place.  She's potty-trained, still a miraculous thought.  But more than that, she is listening better and being cooperative more often.  It is amazing what a difference this makes.  Here she is, helping get cheese for sandwiches.  She thought of this on her own.


She's also saying funny little things like, "I am going to write a blog post."  When questioned about the topic, she told me, "It's going to be about you, Mom."  I would certainly love to read that!  She's also told me several times, "Me and Bella are talking together.  About stuff."  Which is straight up hilarious, since I've heard their conversations.  But, this little thing of having my girls loving to play together is quite delightful.  (Though not always the case.  Bella still likes biting - both for "fun" and when she gets angry, and it usually does not make the bitten party very happy.)

I love the little thing that my girls will laugh forever when I pull my sunglasses down to the edge of my nose and look over the lenses at them.  They think this is the funniest thing, and beg me to do it "Gin!"


Another little thing I have loved lately is the afternoon sunlight that pours into our house.  And the way that Lily has discovered "rainbows" on the floor - cast through the front door glass.  That is a beautiful little thing.


I am thankful for this little thing who is not so little, we like to call her "juicy."  When Lily was this age, Bella was a tiny baby.  Now with Bella, I am getting to soak up the last of babyhood and full on toddler-hood that she is.  While I am anxious to complete our family by adding two more precious children, I am thankful for this time to enjoy the girls.


A little thing called the World Series has started this week, and I am thankful that my husband likes it enough that it gives him an excuse to sit down and relax.  Sometimes that's hard for him.  And, he let this sweet little girl stay up a little late to watch baseball with him, which she loved.


Those are the little things that came to mind.  Hopefully, you have had your own set to be thankful for, both the good and the bad, since we can't really tell the difference in the end.  Happy weekend!