Friday, October 05, 2012


Just as I thought, it felt like life hit the gas pedal this week, now that it is October.  Life knows, you know?  Here are my highs and lows from this crazy, busy week.

High:  Discovering the Top Bun.  This may not seem like a "High" to you, but now that my hair will go up high, I am thrilled to do just that.  I found a tutorial through Pinterest that showed me how to make my hair look like a ballerina's.  Which is nice, since nothing else about me, grace included, could ever resemble a ballerina.


I wore my hair like this on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which allowed me to not wash my hair for four whole days.  And, I got tons of compliments - always a bonus.  John even likes it a lot, and because of all the joking about my top bun, he decided to compliment me on it repeatedly on our Wednesday trip to Memphis.  So sweet of him.

High:  Hanging with a friend on Monday night when our husbands were busy working.  It's nice to be able to collaborate with another Mom for dinner and evening activities when the men-folk have to provide for our families.  We ate at Larry's Pizza.


Low:  Because we have 5 rowdy kids between us, we didn't get to talk half as much as we thought we would.  Silly us.  We should know better by know.

High:  Seeing God's heart for the orphan.  I have been following this friend's adoption story as she is in the Congo picking up her two sweet children.  It is unbelievably beautiful to see the way God places the lonely in families.  Also, last night, we had a prayer event for the banquet that I am organizing.  It went so well, and I am blown away by the God of the universe who provides and orchestrates the details.  He is so good, and I am so in awe.

High:  Community Group on Tuesday night.  We didn't do our lesson.  Instead, we laughed and talked and laughed some more.  That's real good for the soul.

Low:  Being on the edge of sickness.  My throat is moderately scratchy, and I am a bit lethargic, but by the grace of God, I have not fallen off into the sick abyss.  I'm so glad.

High:  Obviously, spending a day in Memphis with John in the middle of the week deserves to be its own high.

High:  Seeing Lily make her bed by herself for the first time.  She earned a quarter to put in her Honduras jar for clean water.  (Our church is running a fundraiser for the children, and she loves it!)


High:  This morning we had nowhere to be, and we took it easy.  We enjoyed a leisurely walk in the beautiful weather, and the girls have been so sweet this morning.  I am thankful to spend time with these jokers.


High:  The sweetness continued, and we introduced Colored Pencils.  They were a hit.


Looking forward to celebrating Bella's birthday this weekend (it's actually next week) and soaking up the nice fall weather.  Happy Friday to you!