Tuesday, October 30, 2012



My brain feels a bit on the mushy side.  After a wild Saturday that included a game day in Little Rock and making thousands of Chick-N-Minis, a dinner with friends (including 6 very loud children) and then our trip to the Buffalo, I am spent.  Bella woke up on the crazy side this morning, and it was a battle just to get to Bible Study.  And as I look into November, there is no respite on the horizon.

It looks like it will be chalk full of good things.  But, it will be tiring.

Some days I wonder if we try to do too much.  I want to be able to hear the Holy Spirit better and let him direct my paths more.  The things in front of us seem to be brought by him, and I know that he will work in and through us in the next couple of weeks.  I just wonder if we will get any sleep and rest.

But, maybe that is the point.  We are going to be poured out.  We are giving in ways that will cost.  It will cost time, energy and money.  Valuable resources.  I want to spend them in ways that are pleasing to him, since that is all that matters in eternity.

May we be good spenders.

May we be Big Spenders when we need to be.

May we do it all in his strength.