Monday, February 25, 2013


This weekend the guys from our community group all went camping together, and we women held down the fort.  We planned lots of time together so that it would help the weekend go faster, and it really worked, though we were still glad to get John home yesterday afternoon.  Since it was supposed to be really cold, the guys ended up sleeping in a friend's cabin.


They had a great time for the 4th year running.  We got together with 14 of the 17 kiddos for pizza on Friday night, which was crazy, as usual.  Also - there was the dreaded text from one friend that came at 11:30 that night saying her son had started throwing up.  I immediately was paranoid that all of us were going to start spewing vomit.  It would forever go down as "That Awful Camping Weekend."  Fortunately, no one else did throw up, and her son was better the next day.

I watched Pitch Perfect by myself that night.  Then, I watched more YouTube videos of other awesome acapella groups.  Because I am awesome.  Also, I have no vocal ability, so I am wildly jealous of what they can do.  I have long believed that God gave me no singing talent, because I would not be able to handle the fame that would inevitably come.  It would go to my head.  So, I can't sing.  God knows best.

Saturday night, we had the brilliant idea of getting sitters for all the kiddos and going on a girls night out.  We chose Local Lime, which is truly delicious.  But the company was even better.


These are the sweet girls that I am privileged to do life with most often.  I am forever grateful for the gift they are.  Being in the trenches with other people is a blessing that I do not take for granted.  After dinner we came to my house and did gel manicures.


I love being able to do gel nails at home, and it was fun to treat the ladies.  I will not name names, but I had to pry one of my friend's hands out from under her leg to paint it.  She never does her nails.  We were also going to do hair curling but ran out of time.  I am not kidding.  I love girls night.

Once John was home, we napped and lounged a bit.  Then we visited one of our amazing team members, Ms. Frances.  She is 85 and works in our dining room most days.  She also makes cookies to be distributed to the homeless in Little Rock.  If only I am half as spritely and service minded at that age!


Gearing up for a busy week ahead!