Wednesday, March 27, 2013


To say that our world has been rocked this week is an extreme understatement.  I have debated on whether or not to share this story publicly, but I really believe it is God's story that we are living right now.  The wider it can be spread, the better.

I want to warn you now - this story may not have a happy ending.  We are right in the thick of it, and there are so many unknowns that it makes my head spin when I try going down different roads.  I feel like for the past several days, we have tried to put one foot in front of the other and do each next step as it comes.  God is going before and behind us hemming us in.  He's so good like that, but that does not guarantee a happy ending.  It guarantees his presence, which we can feel and which is infinitely better than so-called "happy endings" on Earth.

On Monday morning I was approached by a friend who knew of people looking for an adoptive family for twin boys that are supposed to be born any day.  She said she knew where we were in our adoption process but felt compelled to share this with us, knowing that we have been praying specifically for and are approved for infant twins.  And hoping for boys.

After calling John and talking and praying, we decided to get more info.  I want to guard the parties involved in this story, so the details on the blog will be pretty vague.  After learning more, I contacted our social worker to see if we could get our home study updated for a domestic adoption.  She said, "Sure!"  I called an adoption attorney based on her recommendation who answered the phone (though she is on vacation, I later learned), and the lawyer told me what questions to ask and how the process should work.  All of this was Monday afternoon.

I talked with the grandmother of these twins who very much wants to find a loving Christian family for these boys.  When I told her our story and parameters, she was in tears over God's faithfulness.  We have been hoping for twin boys, and she has been trying to find a family for her yet-to-be-born twin grandsons.

John and I took the evening of Monday night to continue praying and thinking.  Tuesday morning, we woke up and felt a strange peace about moving forward.  I emailed the grandmother, who replied joyously with, "I don't know what their first names will be, but it sounds like they will be of African-American-German descent as Spensts!"

Now we are working on details, major and minor alike.  Because of all the characters at play and the risks involved, there are so many things that could go wrong.  In fact, at this point, I almost feel more prepared for things to go badly than to bring home newborns in the coming days or weeks.  But, we are praying for good things and ultimately for God's name to get more glory, whatever that looks like.  He places the lonely in families, and we hope that these boys will become our sons.

As John put it, we have been ready and waiting for a call - we just thought it would come from Ethiopia.  And maybe it still will.  But, for now, we are on a different path.  (I have spoken with our other adoption agency to give them a heads up, and until this adoption is finalized, we will stay on the Ethiopia wait list.)  This is obviously not the path we had picked, but through the whole adoption process we have wanted two main things: 1) To Add to our Family, hopefully boys and 2) To Fill a Need in the World through Adoption.  As we looked at this opportunity, it checked those boxes.

So now we are doing a different kind of waiting.  The kind where I literally carry my phone all the time with the possibility that the birth-mother has gone into the hospital to have these boys.  And we bought a mini-van tonight - because we will need the extra room that a Swagger Wagon provides.


At this point, we are all in.  This story will always be a part of our lives regardless of what happens next.  It has already been amazing to see God's finger-prints all over it.  We have also been so encouraged by the prayers and support of our friends and family.  We are not in it alone, and it is mind-blowing to see God's people rally around us.  These boys are covered in prayer, which is so exciting.  Brings tears to my eyes.

Here are the ways that you can pray -
1) For miraculous health and safety for the baby boys
2) For the birth mother
3) For Lily and Bella if we do get brothers in the coming weeks
4) For John and I to continue to be unified and gracious in the midst of stressful circumstances

Looking forward to all that God has in store - thanks for following along!


Meaghan said...

Oh my gosh! So exciting/stressful/emotional/wonderful....praying! Also, hope you love your minivan as much as I love mine! ha!

Linds said...

oh my word. I had goosebumps before I even clicked over from facebook. Now I have tears. Praying for you during this journey... however it may lead. What beauty there is in following the Lord blindly.

And on a completely vain and materialistic note... you will LOVE your Sienna! We just bought a 2008 Sienna and I LOVE it. Welcome to the swagger wagon club :)

Kaity B. said...

Wow! How crazy that your life could change so rapidly! I've been reading into adoption a lot lately- it's something I feel so called to. Thank you for sharing your story! Praying :)

laura said...

AMAZING what God can do!!! I will be praying for you and your family!! God's faithfulness will never let go of you in the coming days and weeks.

Elizabeth said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what happens with your adoption-so exciting, but scary too, I'm sure! It's all pretty awesome.

Also, we have the same van, color and all. I love mine:)

Liz and Josh said...

Wow!! So excited for y'all! Can't wait to see what God has in store for you guys. We have that same minivan too! Love it! :)

John and Janel Breitenstein said...

So thankful for this possibility, and praying for you as you wait on God with hands open to Him. Excited for you and your sweet family!

Amy Davis said...

That is so cool! Isn't it funny how God throws us curveballs when we don't expect them! I know you are anxious but you know God is in control so ultimately if these boys are in "The Plan"...they will become your sons! Praying for your family!

Unknown said...

Oh brother! I don't get to read blog posts for a week and so much happens :) I'm in tears reading this. Praying for you and for those precious babies. Off to read newer posts to see if I find out more.