Friday, April 12, 2013



Right this very second, things are a bit haywire with the adoption process.  If you are reading this just after I post it - please be praying.  There are many uncertainties right now, and my heart is bursting a bit to see how God will work in and through all of this.

It's a different kind of labor.  Instead of laboring in the hospital, preparing to give birth to children, I am sitting at home - praying.  Praying and hoping and trying not to agonize over all that I cannot control.

Some things are the same as a physical labor - I am shaky, and I feel like I might throw up.  And I don't know when the babies will come.  Will it be today?  Will it be tomorrow?

At this point, I am quite torn on which is harder.  This not knowing is hard on the mind and the heart, and the information I have is discouraging.  And just as I had to hope and pray that the babies that came out of me would be healthy and come in God's time, I have to turn these over to the Lord as well.  Again.  If they are to be ours, if they are to be healthy - none of this is in my hands.

And just as my physical labors were long, so this one seems to be.  Longer than I had ever thought it would be.

But, I trust a good God who promises good things, and I know that he is the Deliverer of his people.  Hopefully he will deliver these boys into our care, and if not to us, I know he must have a better plan for all of us.  Our prayers will not be in vain.  This labor is not in vain, and I am trying not to grow weary.