Wednesday, May 01, 2013


(picture of William and Violet courtesy of Lily)

Before I forget some of these little details of our adoption story, I wanted to record them all to have for our family.  Since God is in these details - I want to remember the little things, the way that God whispered to us that these children were meant for us.

As most people know by now, we thought we were going to do an international adoption.  We started seriously discussing adoption last March on my birthday, and after praying about it - we made the decision on March 26th to try to adopt for a third child.  As we continued to think through it and pray about it, we felt that we should try to get two children at the same time, for many reasons - but specifically in international adoption, the cost for getting two at the same time is much less than doing two separate adoptions.

As I realized that we were getting into a long line, we felt like we should open our parameters to special needs.  I think at a later date I will write all about the special needs we were open to and advocate for those specifically, because I did a lot of research and there is great need.

So, when all of the dust settled with our home study agency and our placement agency, we were approved for a special needs adoption of two children of any gender (though we were thinking boys), and they had to be at least a year younger than Bella.  So, essentially, infant twins.

I have always wanted twins and asked God all of my life to have them.  I know that may sound a little crazy, and I am sure the reality of having baby twins will be a real challenge, but I have always felt they were meant for me.  Another interesting thing is that even though we were pursuing getting two boys, I kept thinking of the name Violet and wondering what baby girl Violet Spenst would be like.  I was sad that I might never have her, with the plans that we had.

So, on March 2nd of this year, I felt a sense in my spirit that our kids were out there.  There was nothing that I know of that happened particularly on that date, but I think that God was just preparing my heart for what was coming.  On March 25th, a friend approached me at our workout class about twin boys about to be born that needed a home.  (Here's that story)  After talking with the grandmother, we officially told her we would take them on March 26th - exactly one year after we started the adoption process.

When I spoke with the grandmother, I found out that the due date they were going by was March 24th. My birthday.  I don't think that was a coincidence.  And, even though that due date proved to be wrong, it felt like more confirmation that these children should become ours.

There are many details that I will never share, because they aren't mine to share.  But, we have seen God's hand in so many ways.  We thought the babies would be born at one hospital and had all the staff on alert for a delivery there.  When we got The Call last week, they had been born at a different hospital.  A closer one.  The one where I was born and my girls.  And the staff there fought for our adoption and cheered for us every step of the way.  I am so very thankful, and I know that God orchestrated it just right to make it possible.

He has gone before and behind us and our twins to put us together.  Sometimes it is hard to understand how God works and why.  It is pure joy to have an experience like this and be able to rejoice wholeheartedly in the goodness of the Lord and his plan.  There is heartache that goes along with adoption, and my heart is heavy and burdened with things that will always be part of their story.  But to see the way that God has protected these children that we have prayed for and given us to one another is a great gift for now.

I want God to get the glory and the goodness of his name to be seen in this story.  We are amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude.