Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Decorating a nursery for my babies has got to be one of my favorite things.  When the possibility of adopting twins domestically surfaced, we knew it could happen quickly and that there were a lot of unknowns.  So, I did nothing on the nursery front, which drove me a little crazy.  One of my friends remarked on this subject by saying, "God just stretches us all in different ways."  Ha!

But, now they are here and are forever part of our family.  Hooray!  So, the nursery decorating has begun.  After the twins were born, we had Bella move out of her nursery (which looked like this) and move into Lily's room, which they now share (it looks like this).  When I do a nursery, I have a hard time not going too themey.  I think it is a fine line.  For William and Violet, I am doing a very loose travel theme.  I don't want to get too mappy or globey, so we shall see how this goes.

Here is what the nursery looks like right now.  We need to take down Bella's toddler bed, though she does still "nap" in this room.  However, if she does fall asleep, she is usually on the floor.

While Ellen was here, she painted it "Cool Jazz" by Behr, which is a light blue/green color that I love.  Thanks, Ellen!  We ordered these mini-cribs from Amazon.  I know that they will only be in them a couple of years, so I was looking mostly for functionality that came at a reasonable price with good reviews.  These fit the bill, except that several people complained that they were too small.  I wanted to say, "It's a MINI-crib, people.  What did you expect?"  Anyway, we ordered them and haven't put them together yet, but I think they will work really well for us.

The dresser that serves as a changing table in the room now has been mutilated by Bella.  See pictures below.


So, we need to shop for an all wood replacement.  We cheaped out a bit with the dresser, and we definitely learned that with kids, it can sometimes be worth spending a bit more to get something that will withstand the wear, tear and abuse, especially if any of your kids are named Bella.

With Ellen's inspiration from all that she sewed for True's nursery and because I can be a bit picky, especially when trying to do something for both genders, I have decided to sew most of the fabric stuff in the room.  I used this diaper changing pad cover tutorial, and it was easy to follow with results that I love!

My model was pretty cute as well.


I made two covers, using green for the other one.


Ellen is making quilts for each baby, and since she is an expert in that department, I am so glad.  I picked out 8 beautiful fabrics for each quilt, with Violet's being coral and red and William's being green and teal.  I hope it doesn't look too Christmasy when it is all said and done, but I think it will turn out nicely.  At least, I hope so.  Here's a run down of some of the fabrics being used.

I am using this on the crib bumpers and for the back of the quilts.  It is such unusual colors that I felt like could work for both genders.  (It's called Spare Change in Vintage 37043.11, Odds and Ends by Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket for Moda)


I don't know the names of the rest of the fabrics, but I got them all at a local place called The Stitch N Post.  I love it there.  They have a closet for my kids to play in with toys.  These are the fabrics I am using to cover the white mini-crib bumpers that I ordered.


These are the sheet fabrics, and I used this tutorial with measurements.


Since the room looks like this craziness right now -


I am looking forward to it getting transformed.  Also - I am looking forward to not having a pack n play at the end of my bed.


Linds said...

I love the gown William is wearing! Can't wait to see it all put together!

Unknown said...

We have the same furniture and I so agree - better to spend the money on something better... live and learn.