Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today I have a set of two month olds!  Having twins is everything fun that I thought it might be with most of the parts that I thought would be hard.  I would say it is not twice as hard, but about 1.5 times as difficult as having one baby.  I think that will change when they are mobile, and I must say that I am apprehensive about having two crawlers.  Perish the thought.

I looked back at the one month post, and as usual, I am amazed at how they have grown.  They have filled out, which makes sense, since they do a lot of eating in the day.  They are starting to space their feedings just a bit, and at night, they are doing 5 to almost 6 hours stretches.  Amazing!  And much needed!  Just this week, they started each taking four ounces in most bottles.


Here's Violet.


She is just starting to smile a tiny bit, which is always a welcome milestone.  She continues to be a sweet, mostly easy-going baby.  Until she is hungry, and then she is starving and crying her eyes and everything else out.  But, that is something easy to address, so I am thankful.  I am so curious to see their personalities develop.  I love getting to know my children.  Violet is wearing newborn clothes almost entirely.

Here's William.


He was, surprisingly, more "cooperative" in this little photo shoot.  He also is starting to smile a bit, and he can still do a mean forehead wrinkle and serious face.  He tends to be slightly more fussy than Violet, but nothing to write home about (or apparently to blog about).  He is still the bigger baby and is now wearing 0-3 month clothing.  I don't really know how much they weigh, because it has been several weeks since their last check-up.

They still sleep much of the time, though they are waking up a bit.  They enjoy being on the go - or at least, they have adjusted well to the fact that our family is often on the go.  Lily and Bella continue to adore them and are helpful to put their pacis in and comfort them when they are crying.  It is very sweet and earnest and heart-melting.


These last two pictures make me laugh.  I like the look on William's face in the first one, and Violet's face seems to be saying, "Really, Mom?  More pictures?  I'm over it."  The second one is simultaneous falling.  They do coordinate a lot of what they do, which has pros and cons.  Sometimes it seems as if they are literally taking turns on which one should cry.  Thankfully, this is not all the time and does not last long.

Speaking of coordinating, many people who know my love of matching clothes have asked if I plan on matching the twins.  Most days, it is something like what they are wearing here.  I look for matching colors or patterns, and that is probably what will have to work most of the time, since they are not the same gender.

We LOVE William and Violet and are so very blessed and thankful to have them in our lives!  Happy Two Months on Earth!