Friday, July 05, 2013


Goat cheese is a slight obsession for me.  It is that good.  I mean it.  I realized that if a recipe has goat cheese in it, I am almost always like - "I'm in.  Sold.  Where do I sign?  Can I have seconds?  I want more.  Give me more."

Sound over the top?  Maybe a hair, but I mean it when I say that I love me some goat cheese.  All of that said, I decided to round up my favorite goat cheese recipes that I have tried so far, as well as some that I would like to try.  That way, if you are anything like me - and I have a feeling that you probably are, because it is GOAT CHEESE that I am talking about here, then you can get to making yourself some awesome goat cheese food.

Balsamic Reduction Burger with Goat Cheese Spread
(Recipe and picture from Food 52)

I made this for Community Group last week, and it was a hit all the way around.  Easy to make, and it is delicious.

Also made in the last week - Goat Cheese and Roasted Cherry Ice Cream.  I have raved about this ice cream from getting it at Jeni's in Nashville, and this week I found the recipe online.  It is amazing.  Truly.

(The bowl was broken, but I glued it back together and have been using it for months like this.  These things happen in my house a lot.)

There was a time that hearkens back to long ago when I shared recipes on this blog.  Here's an old favorite.  Reading through it again reminds me how good it is.  Smoked Turkey and Goat Cheese Sandwiches.


Here's a recipe that I love and have made many times.  It calls for Feta cheese, but I have always substituted Goat cheese, due to my aforementioned obsession.

Roasted Tomatos with Shrimp and Feta Cheese (Goat is Better)


(photo and recipe from Real Simple)

Here's another recipe that I modified so that it would include goat cheese: Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shells.  I added about 4 oz of goat cheese to this.  I have made this for the freezer with great results.

The next recipe is one that I have made over and over again with Blue Cheese, but I think it would also work and be delicious with Goat Cheese - though I haven't tried it yet:  Blue Cheese Burgers from All Recipes.

One last idea - Lemon Goat Cheese Tea Cookies.  I haven't made these yet, but they sure look light and tasty and perfect for summer.

So - there you have it.  Hopefully this will inspire you to cook more with this darling of an ingredient. Happy Friday and Goat Cheese Forever!