Monday, July 22, 2013


The twins have arrived at the big 3.  3 months that is.  It is always hard to believe how quickly time has gone.  I can't believe they are already this old, and yet, it feels as if they have been in our family for much longer.  Funny how that works.  (Here's 1 Month : 2 Months)

So, here are some of the world's cutest three month olds ever.  And I mean ever.


Their little expressions totally crack me up - especially William's.  He is the man of many faces, while Violet seems so nonplussed about pretty much everything.


What are they up to at three months old?  Not a whole lot, to be honest.  Three month olds generally do a lot of lying around, eating, pooping and growing.  Thankfully, they are doing all of that well.  It has gotten to the point where we can no longer put both of them in the same bouncy seat to feed at the same time.  While their ever-improving neck control is right on track developmentally, it makes them slightly harder to feed.  John says it is like a carnival game that you don't feel like playing in the middle of the night.

Speaking of the night - we generally do a late feed (between 10-11) and then feed them once during the middle of the night (anytime between 3-5).  We were just talking this morning about how we need to get slightly more disciplined with when we feed them, but since there are two babies, we have been more relaxed about it all this time around.  I am hoping that we can all get this figured out to be slightly more scheduled, but the reality is, I have only enough energy for certain things.  This may or may not make the cut.  They still sleep in our room, but we will be transitioning them to their nursery soon.

As babies go, they are both fairly easy going, which is such a blessing.  I don't take it for granted, especially in the midst of everything we usually have going.  Both are starting to smile a tiny bit.  It is still not super often, but it is so fun when they do.  They have also started going to the nursery at church, and everyone says they do really well!

Here's William -


As a general rule, if a baby is going to fuss, it is more likely to be William.  He is a little snuggle-bug who loves to be held.  He hates to have his feet uncovered, though he is quite prolific at kicking the blanket off of his feet.  Having a boy is such a fun, new experience.  It is so strange to not put a bow on a baby - though I am sure he is grateful for that.  He likes his paci, and he seems to really like all of his sisters.  Bless him.

Here's Violet -


Violet really is a sweet girl.  She is go with the flow, until she gets hungry - and then it better be all hands on deck.  She loves to be swaddled and loves her paci.  The girls wish they could match Violet's clothes every day, but sadly, that will have to wait a while.  She is mesmerized by people's faces and lights.  We are really enjoying the glimpses we are getting into her personality.

Our sweet twins really are such a delight.  Neither John nor myself are big newborn people, so each month that goes by means we enjoy them even more.  We are not at all wishing time away, but it just gets so much more fun.


We are so thankful that the Lord chose us to be with them.  I can't wait to see what all he has in store for us!  Happy 3 months, Violet and William!


Linds said...

oh my goodness, they are SO cute, Carol! And Williams faces crack me up. Love his forehead wrinkles. :)