Thursday, August 01, 2013


We are back and getting back to life, sort of.  We have another little adventure coming up, so it does feel a bit disjointed right now.  The last day of our Branson trip was really kick back.  We did some shopping at the outlet malls there, and I realized that shopping for girls and boys at the same time is really a new challenge, especially with a wide range of sizes.  I must say, I felt a bit discombobulated in the boys section, trying to figure out what William will be dressed in, and of course, trying to coordinate him with the girls at least a bit.  Cause I am psycho.  At least I know it.

We also enjoyed cinnamon rolls - made by Ellen, which was awesome.


Having extra baby holders was such a great treat for everyone involved.  Thanks, Ryan and Wes!



The kiddos settled in for a movie - all of ours under one blanket, and then the other cousins joined in the fun.


After dinner, John thought it would be really fun to do the leftover sparklers from the 4th, while it was still July.  We thought the girls would really love them.  We couldn't have been more wrong.  They were so disinterested.


Firework fail.  But, they did look cute, and they were really interested in a rolly polly.  (How do you spell that?)


It was a great time to be away and detox a bit from the day to day stress of normal life, though parenting did follow us everywhere.  It is amazing what downtime does to clear your head.  Thanks, family, for being so amazing and wonderful to be with.  It was truly a refreshing time!  (P.S. Can you spot all my kids?  We had them strategically spread around.)


I also spent a decent amount of time trying to coerce my family into coming up with a clever name for my cookie business.  That certainly sparked some hilarious conversations.  I think I've decided on something and will keep you posted.  Last night I finished up these cookies for sweet Taylor Claire who I can't believe is turning Two!