Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It is almost unreal to be celebrating the babies' first half birthday.  They are six months old today!


This month I'm going to give out a few awards.  Here goes.

Most Likely to Sleep Through the Night:  William
Most Likely to Make Crazy Dinosaur Noises:  Violet
Most Likely to Stare Avidly at Their Hands:  William
Most Likely to Snort Loudly:  William
Most Likely to Try to Bounce Off Your Lap:  Violet
Most Likely to Cough Dramatically:  Violet
Most Likely to Laugh at Dramatic Coughing:  William
Most Likely to Finish Their Bottle:  Violet
Most Likely to Roll Over:  Violet
Most Likely to Smile at Something You Can't Figure Out:  William

They really are such darlings at this stage, though when they cry at the same time, it can be easy to wish they could feed themselves.  In time and sooner than we can imagine, that day will come, so we are actively trying to savor where they are at right now.

Violet really is a doll baby.  She lights up when you look at her and say her name.  She likes to be in the thick of things and is really quite a little mover.  She is drooling like crazy these days, as can be seen in this pic.


William is a joyful little man.  He has become easy going and fun to have around.  He loves to be cuddled and talked to and has just started clicking at us.  He spent his first night in the nursery just last night and did really well.


They are starting to notice one another, and it is really funny to see them stare at the other in wonder.


Happy Six Months, William and Violet.  You are precious, treasured gifts.

Here are the other Monthly Updates:


Rebecca said...

Soo precious! Such sweet gifts! :o))