Friday, November 22, 2013


Does this blog post seem to be coming at you much more quickly than usual?  That would be because our internet just got upgraded to be four times faster.  Pretty much feels like lightening at my fingertips, which is a little sparky, but overall - Great!  It took the guys 3.5 hours to get everything figured out at our house, but it was worth it.

Anyway - today we are celebrating the twins being 7 months old!  Hooray!


I'm not going to lie to you all.  It's been a long seven months.  Having twins has officially cured me of ever wanting to have twins again.  It's hard work.  BUT - I would do it all over again for William and Violet.  They are precious and joyful, and we adore them.  I'm so glad that I do have twins, and I know it will only get better.

Here's Miss Violet at Seven Months.


Fast facts on Violet:
She LOVES people.  She lights up when she sees someone smiling at her and always smiles back.
She LOVES to bounce.  The jumper is her happy place.  She will bounce until she falls asleep.
She can roll over, and she is sitting up without help for little bits of time.  Bless her heart - her head is rather large, so she often topples just on account of it.
She loves to eat fruit and is starting to be slightly easier to feed.  She loves vegetables much less than fruit, but I totally can relate to that.
She is sleeping through the night most nights, and she does nap predictably now - all in her bed, when we are home.
At her six month check up a couple of weeks ago, she weighed 15 lbs 11 ounces.


And here's Mr. William - or "Little Man" as the girls like to call him.


Fast facts on William:
He is one of the smiliest, easy-going babies.  Until it he is hungry - then you better have that bottle in his mouth pronto - otherwise, you will have one very mad baby on your hands.
Speaking of hands, he still LOVES his.
He can sit up for good bits of time, though he definitely still needs a spotter.
He is the best solid food eater we have ever had, which is such a blessing.  He eats anything you feed him without drama.  Amazing.
He is sleeping through most nights, and he and Violet nap at the same times, for the most part.  It has been a wonderful game-changer.
At his six month check-up, he weighed 16 lbs 11 ounces - exactly one pound more than Violet.
He is behind on a few things developmentally.  He does not roll over, and he does not transfer things from hand to hand.  Because of that, our doctor suggested that we have him  (and Violet, since they will be coming to our house) evaluated in the coming weeks, and we will possibly be doing therapy.  While this is certainly not fantastic news, we are so thankful for all of the ways that he is developing well, and for the fact that he is always progressing.  We wouldn't change a thing about our precious William.

(Don't you love it when a big sister pokes you in the cheek with a Tinker Toy?  He didn't seem to mind.)

We still marvel at the miracle that God put them in our family.  That we get to the their parents.  We love you, Violet and William!

Here are the other Monthly Updates:


Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

I feel like the eating thing is so indicative of the girl/boy differences. All of my friends with girls have always had issues with feeding solids. Whereas my boys have always BEGGED for solids long before I ever introduced them, and then (with the exception of avacado with Brayden) have never blinked at anything I gave them. Boys have great appetites!!!

The twins are amazingly adorable-- I died with the laughing picture of William. :)