Monday, December 23, 2013


Yesterday marked 8 months in our sweet babies' lives.  Amazing!  We are enjoying this holiday season with four children, and life seems to be whizzing along.

I thought I'd do this month's pictures in matching Santa hats.  I'm glad I did.


What's Violet up to at 8 months?  Well, let me tell you - this girl has got spunk.  She is extremely active and adores other people.  She is almost constantly in motion of some kind, which made taking pictures this month more difficult than usual - so different than the floppy babies I had at the beginning.  She often sounds like a dinosaur, and she drools so much that most of her clothes are drenched early in the day.  I keep expecting a tooth to pop through, but that hasn't happened yet.

Violet can sit up well on her own and is eating lots of different solids, though she is no vegetable fan.  She is not a great sleeper at all, and we often have to "plug" her in the night with her paci.  Sometimes she still eats at night, because, honestly, with twins and other children asleep on that side of the house, crying it out is just not an option.  This too shall pass.  (Right?  We might sleep again someday?  We're looking at you, Violet.)

We love our feisty girl with the giant grin that comes quite easily.  The cries come quite easily too, so I included a picture that records that other side of Violet.  This photo shoot was close to nap time.


William is rocking 8 months old.  We have started calling him "Chilliam," because he is a chill child.  I think he's going to need to hold on to that with three older sisters.  He goes with the flow, and he loves to be snuggled.  He loves when John throws him in the air and will laugh and laugh.  He can mostly sit up by himself and is starting to reach for things more and more.  Though he doesn't often cry these days, he is still one of the loudest children, because his breathing is very snorty.  The doctor is not concerned, but it is really quite amazing to see how loud a breathing child can be.

William is the best eater our family has ever seen - he makes it look easy!  He sleeps through most nights, except when the baby dinosaur sleeping in the next crib wakes him.  He is easy to put down for naps, and both babies nap twice a day, usually at the same day.  Big win for Mom.

Our sweet William is such a joy, and we adore his smile that lights up a room.  He also laughs a lot - sometimes at nothing we can figure out.  It is adorably charming.


This photo shoot in particular was a little more difficult than normal.  The girls were in full force climbing in and out of the cribs and going through the closet.  I am thankful there are only a few more of these monthly pictures to do, because they are getting harder each month between mobility and the girls involvement.  Here's a peak at what the big picture looks like.


Can you spot both girls?  Cropping does wonders.

So - we have done this for 8 whole months.  As I was talking with friends this morning, I realized that there is still a lot of hard stuff ahead.  Between 12-18 months is just a hard age in any child's life, and this will be times two.  But - there will be so many joys as well.  Though I would not be in any kind of hurry to have twins again, it is such a blessing, and we love William and Violet so very much.  I cannot imagine our family without them!

Here's the other months!