Thursday, January 09, 2014


It's true what they say.  The years absolutely fly by at this stage of life.  Our oldest child, our precious Lily, is five years old today.  (To read last year's birthday post, click here!)  That is one whole hand's worth of fingers.  I cherish every one of my children for their uniqueness, but there is always something about the child that makes you a parent.  She is our guinea pig.  She is our trail-blazer.  She gives us hope that many things get better and more enjoyable as your children age.

Five year old Lily is about as darling as it comes, truly.  These are ages that I want to freeze and bottle up.  Lily is funny and incredibly quick to pick things up.  She is always listening and can often regurgitate random conversations that I didn't know she was aware of.  She is a thoughtful older sister who cares for her three younger siblings with lots of love and care for their needs.  I am always amazed at how she notices what they might need.

This morning has not gone at all how I thought it would.  Due to the weather, our Mother's Day Out was canceled.  John graciously saved the day and hung out with us all morning, so it turned out to be a win.  We went for Krispy Kreme for a birthday breakfast.  John brought candles, and we all sang her Happy Birthday.


She has inexplicable trouble blowing out candles, but with John's help, all were extinguished.


It's crazy to think that at this time last year, we had no idea that William and Violet were going to join our family within a matter of months.  I still marvel at the fact that we have four kids.


Getting a photo with a reluctant birthday girl turned out to be about as hard as it sounds.


We've had lunch with friends, and this afternoon we are heading to see Frozen again in the theatre.  What excitement lies ahead!  Her princess party is this weekend, and we are excited about that too!  Happy birthday to our dear, wonderful Lily-girl.  We love you more than words and are so thankful that God put us together.