Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Ya'll, over the past two years+, my heart has been blown open for children that do not have a family.  And now that I am raising children who very well may have had a different life, this issue is even closer to my heart.  I recently watched a video that did an amazing job illustrating what this hardship and lack of permanency can do to a child.  It's called Removed, and though it is difficult to watch - I believe it is incredibly valuable to give a better understanding of this issue.

Last year, I was able to help plan the first Walk for the Waiting, and though I haven't been able to help plan the event this year, the Spenst family will still be participating in this year's Walk.  It is April 26th at War Memorial Stadium at 9:00.  Here's a short video giving more deets.

The official Walk for the Waiting website is here at Walk for the Waiting.Org.  You can register to walk yourself, or you can donate to the cause.  If you can't walk with us, we would love for you to sponsor our family in the Walk - click here to do that.  (Pretty please?)

(us at last year's walk - it was the twins' first full weekend home!)

The Walk for the Waiting is a collaboration between Immerse AR (works with young adults aging out of foster care), Project Zero (advocates for children available for adoption) and The CALL (recruiting and training foster families) - all orphan-care ministries based in Central Arkansas.  All funds raised will go to these organizations to help further their missions of finding families, giving permanency, equipping with life skills and providing hope for these children and young adults.

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The reality is that the orphan crisis in Arkansas and all over the world is everyone's problem.  Kids that grow up without a family have bleak outlooks, and they often become the marginalized of our society.  I hope and pray that God will show us all the best way to engage in this issue.

And, I hope to see you April 26th!  (or at least to see you on our donor list. 😉)