Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Even though I am normally not one to hop onto bandwagons, this is a bandwagon I like to be on.  The one where you show the pictures of your kids on the first day and the last day of school side by side so you can marvel at how much they have grown in 9 months.  It really is amazing how much they change, and how you don't notice it day to day, but when you look at these pictures you think, "How did that happen?"  And also, "Should I go cry now?"  As well as, "Please don't let kindergarten come too quickly.  Let's have summer forever this year."

Maybe those are just my thoughts.

Anyway, we finished up our mother's day out program for the year, and I used this last morning to work out, slap tags on teacher gifts, shower and shop for snacks for our upcoming road trip.  Nothing too exciting, but it was nice to do it with only my own thoughts to keep me company.  I am covering our dining room with items ready to be packed, and it feels as if we will be moving a small army.

I kept teacher gifts simple this year - Pancake Mix from William's Sonoma.  This stuff makes super tasty pancakes, and I thought, "Who doesn't like pancakes?"  Hopefully, they will be enjoyed.


And here are the side by sides.









I mean - they've gotten a lot bigger.  I expected the babies, but Bella seems transformed into a full blown little girl.  No more toddler.  It is nice that both twins can sit very well by themselves now.  I don't miss floppy twins.

We are heading into looser schedules, time at the pool and lazy mornings.  I think I can handle that.  The year flew by - it really does seem as if I was just writing the first day post.  And then, I looked back and saw the first year post from two years ago - amazing how quickly it goes.  Until August . . .

In case you are wondering about their super cute shirts, I got them from Lollipops and Lemondrops, and the kids and I all love them.  (I'm not getting paid for this shout out - I really do love them, and $18 is very reasonable for a personalized shirt.)