Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Dear Spring/Almost Summer/May-ness,
     You are beautiful here in AR.  Even if the Polar Vortex did kill off all the hydrangeas for the next two years, I don't hold that against you, Spring.  I know you wanted that indigo loveliness just like I did.  My daughters love to pick your flowers when we go on walks through the woods, and these flowers inevitably end up on our kitchen table in princess cups.  It's a different kind of beauty that we are embracing over here.


Dear Snakes I saw on our walk today,
     One of you was dead, and I was not sad.  In fact, my heart rejoiced in the end of your slithery little life.  I was only sad that I had to see you at all.  The other of you was alive and well and swimming freely in the creek.  I think the creepy eyes that I am displaying in this picture are because I knew in my subconsciousness that I was about to see you and have to feign calmness in front of my children.  Thank you for not coming after us.


Dear Jamberry Nails,
     I am totally in love with you.  I regularly look down at my fingers in amazement of how pretty you are, and random strangers compliment me.  Can't wait to put on a fresh set, but you wear so well for such a long time that I end up a little antsy.  #firstworldproblems

(FYI, my sister is selling, so if you want to purchase some of the Jamberry loveliness for yourself, her website is here!  Let me know if you have any questions!)

Dear Government Services,
     I am so very thankful that you are helping us to pay for all of William and Violet's extra medical expenses.  Truly.  Since we are doing $700 a week in therapy alone, I will be forever indebted to your help.  My tiniest of complaints is that you may need to work on some efficiency.  After waiting on hold for over 40 minutes and being told that I needed to call a slightly different number with the same weird hold music/messages, I was reminded that I am also thankful for private insurance.  Nothing is perfect, and I guess I get what I pay for.

Dear Lily,
     Having a five year old is totally awesome.  Today you started telling "Spooky Stories" very loudly in Target.  They almost all started with, "Once upon a time, it was a dark and spooky night."  And then they end with the protagonist getting eaten by the villain.  You have certainly kept Bella and I laughing with these today.  I captured some of the ones you told at dinner.

(You are a little hard to understand in your enthusiasm.)

Dear John,
     Last week was crazy, but we actually really liked each other in the midst of the crazy.  Thanks for working at marriage with me in all of the ups and downs.  I really like the weeks when it feels like we are on the same page.  They are so much better than the weeks where we are trying to figure out whether or not we are reading the same book or even in the same library.  You are my favorite.

Dear Church,
     I have really enjoyed the most recent sermon series on Gospel in the culture.  The messages have touched on sensitive subjects with so much grace, and ultimately, I have been reminded of my own need for grace.  What a blessing.

Dear Kiddos,
     We spent every last bit of today together.  And while I certainly wouldn't long to have every day be exactly like that, today it was good.  I'm so thankful to be your mom, even when it means sweeping the floor for the millionth time and doing your laundry that is never-ending.  It is all worth it.


Dear Blog-Reader,
     Thanks for reading along for our adventures.  It's a blessing to have friends and family and some strangers who care.  I'm humbled and grateful that you choose to read here.  Much love, Carol


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