Monday, June 02, 2014


This is what our weekend contained.  Saturday morning we took a walk through the woods, in spite of the omnipresent clouds and intermittent rain.  We took the right gear and put the girls in rain boots and had a mostly great time with no snake spottings.


The twins are getting so big.  When I look at that last picture, I see all legs.  They were great for most of the walk, but when we stopped in the garage, they were ready to get out.  That face is William's fake cry, cause every baby needs one of those in their reportoire.

Since being home from our trip, I have realized all over again that it feels as if a war is being raged in our breakfast nook.  Each mealtime is an epic battle of clean vs. crazy, and crazy is winning by a landslide.  William has recently begun pitching all food that he doesn't feel like eating off of his tray and onto the table and floor.

The older girls do okay, but I still find french toast trains from time to time, and let's not even get started on cereal they pour for themselves.  Because it is everywhere.


I feel like sweeping and wiping is constant.  My new routine to keep myself a bit saner is to only do it all thoroughly once a day, usually at night time when everyone is sleeping.  Works for me.  I do clean up a bit as we go, but to get it all really clean - that's a once a day thing right now.

Saturday night, we sent out an impromptu invite for dinner at the local Mexican joint.  Several families said yes, and we ended up with a party of 22.  Always a fun time when you call a restaurant and let them know there will be 8 adults and 14 kiddos.  They were extremely accommodating to us, and it was so nice to keep my own aforementioned breakfast nook so clean.

The real fun of this meal came as we were leaving.  I could tell that William was stinky, and my plan was to change him in the car in the parking lot before heading home.  As I was wishing a friend farewell, I realized that my arm was feeling wet and slimy.  Like there was something on it.

The picture was taken as the poop started to slide off my arm onto the pavement.  I was horrified, but also laughing so hard that I was crying, because it was so gross and quite literally over the top, of the diaper, that is.  It's always nice (I do mean this), when your friends are around for these moments, because it helps you to make light of it, rather than letting it become just another thing to get you down.  Especially when you are standing right outside a restaurant window putting on a disgusting show for patrons still dining inside.  Also, friends rush to your aid with extra wipes and holding your other children and the like.  It takes a village.

We mostly stripped William down, wrapped him in a towel, and loaded up to head home for a bath.

So gross.

Sunday found us at Target for a botched lunch where it took them about 10 minutes + to figure out that they didn't have the number of pretzels that we wanted.  Thankfully, we did run into friends, and all the girls were matching.  This kept us distracted during the fiasco at the counter.

For dinner, we had Dodger Dogs and Gran Gran came to join us.  Violet loved having someone else willing to hold her and help her walk and spit bubbles with her.

Now we are onto Monday and trying to wrap our brains around this new summer schedule.  Hope your summer is starting off SWELL.


Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

o.m.g. The poop. hahahaha!