Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I truly just had such an encouraging morning.  In the mom's group that I attend on Tuesday mornings, Bloom, we are working through a new book called God Architect.  It's not out in stores yet.  We are on a trial run of it, because the author works at our church and leads the group and happens to be a friend of mine.  When this little study does become available - I am pleased to say that I can highly recommend it!

We just worked through the second chapter this week, and it was such a refreshing reminder of the goodness of God in both the good times in our lives and the bad.  He's ALWAYS at work.  He ALWAYS is working for our good and his glory.  We can ALWAYS trust him, even when we can't see or understand how things will work out.

We were encouraged to write out times in our lives that we knew that God was at work - stones of sorts.  In our small group time, we went around the room and shared, and what a blessing it was.  What a gift to see the ways that God works.  My eyes were brimming with tears as woman after woman shared some most personal moments where they knew that God was at work.

As I look back at my own life and story, I can see time after time where God showed his hand, and it makes me excited about looking forward.  He has guided my life so certainly, and I can see it so clearly in retrospect.  While I would never have chosen for my father to die, I can see God's hand in it.  Where I wouldn't have imagined a life in the restaurant industry, God has clearly placed us in CFA.  I never pictured us living so near to where I grew up, and yet, here we are, with dear friends and community and purpose.  Adoption had never crossed my mind as an option for my family, but I cannot imagine a world where William and Violet were not a part of our family.

How gracious is our God?

He's so good.  It's staggering, really.

He's good in the things I don't understand.

He's good in the things that I think I understand, but probably don't.

And, I know he will be good in all of the things that are still unwritten for me.  Because they are already known to him, and his ways and thoughts are good.

We were also encouraged to find some way of physically memorializing things so that we can talk about God's faithfulness to our children and have a visible reminder.  I've realized that this blog is one excellent way that I can do this - though it is not tangible in our home.  I've written out so many of the stories that are important to John and I, and I'm glad to know that our kiddos will someday be able to read them.  But, now I am on the hunt for things to put in my home to remind us all.  I'll keep you posted when I come up with something.  In all of my spare time.