Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Coming home from a delightful trip always has its highs and lows.  We call it re-entry.  I wish I could say that this re-entry has been without major event, but alas, that is not the way we roll.

High:  Our children and my parents had a wonderful week together.  Now- our kiddos were still their relatively high maintenance selves, but there were no illnesses, hospital trips or any other unseemly dramas.  We were all so thankful for this.

They read books.


Braved the Zoo.

Enjoyed spring in Arkansas.

And generally played outside any chance they got.  A great week for all involved.


Thanks so much, Mom and Wes.  You guys get the MVPs for our Belize trip, and we could not have done it without you.  We are so grateful.

High:  Our children were excited to see us when we got home, and we had a good Sunday together before heading back to life full force on Monday.


Low:  Lily tripped while starting to run at gymnastics.  She came out wailing, and I totally dismissed the pain, because nothing was swollen, and she could move everything.  However, she continued to cry off and on through dinner, and then woke up in pain.  I knew at that point that it was serious.  Tuesday morning we headed to the pediatrician's office and got x-rayed.  Basically, there has been some kind of trauma to the elbow, but they can't be certain exactly what it is, because of where the injury is located.


This injury has cost a lot of time out of school and several treats to make everything "feel" better.  Today, we headed to the orthopedic clinic, and after looking at her x-rays, they decided to put her in a cast for a couple of weeks.  Without a moment's hesitation, Lily chose purple, and within 15 minutes, the cast was hardening onto her arm.  It's the first cast for our family, but I am guessing it won't be the last.


Lily has done pretty great through the whole ordeal, and on the whole, it could be much worse.  We will be in the cast for two weeks, and then they will re-evalutate to see if she still needs it.

Low:  We lost John's wallet for about 24 hours.  There was that moment of panic when we thought we might have to cancel all cards and hope to high heaven that John's identity hadn't been stolen.

High:  We did find John's wallet.  Thank the Lord.

Low:  Taxes.  Ours were mostly all done by March, because we totally outsource that major job.  However, I still had to write the checks, transfer the money and mail it all in.  It is not rocket science, but it felt like it last night.

High:  We remembered to do our taxes, unlike two years ago, when we totally forgot to mail money in, because we were on pins and needles waiting on twinsies.

Low:  I have generally over-committed myself for the next several weeks.  It's like I totally over-estimated the amount of time and energy that I possess, and so I am stretched a bit thinnish at the moment.  Who needs sleep anyway?

We are back, and I am glad.  Home is where the heart is, though I am always glad when we get to fly the coop for a bit.  Makes the coop that much sweeter.