Saturday, January 09, 2016


Today my oldest baby is seven years old.  Right at this moment, she's hovering around me eating goldfish out of a bowl with constant reminders from me to chew with her mouth closed.  Such is the glorious life of a newly crowned seven year old.


First grade is treating her well, and I am continually amazed while watching her grow and develop.  Having a front row seat is such a privilege.

I decided to ask her some questions from year to year starting this year, and she had some further questions she thought we should add - those are starred.

Favorite Color:  Rainbow
Future Career:  Lots of Things
Current Ambition:  To Play Soccer
Favorite Flavor:*  Chocolate
Favorite Food:  Treats and mostly cake
Favorite Book:  Magic Tree House books
Favorite TV Show:  Disney Jr.
Favorite Restaurant:  Marketplace Grill
Favorite Thing to Do:  Playing in the Woods
Favorite Place to Go:  Disney World, Legoland and Silver Dollar City
Favorite Animal:*  Cheetah
Favorite Letter: * "L"
Favorite Month:* January
Favorite Day:*  Saturday
Favorite Number:*  Nine ("because my birthday is on the 9th!")


This age really is so fun and snaggle-toothed.  We are so thankful for our sweet Lily girl and the precious person God is shaping her to be!  Happy Birthday, Lily!

(Updated to add:  how did I just find out that today is also Duchess Catherine's birthday?!?  That's a good person to share a birthday with.)


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