Monday, August 15, 2016


Well, I made it to the bottom of the cliff.  Sort of.  When I wrote yesterday's blog post, I just wrote what I was feeling without dwelling much on the complete drama that it was.  I think I need a pep talk with myself titled, "Cut the Drama, Carol."  And though I currently feel like I have been hit by a train, the first day of school has come and gone with only a few hiccups.

I made cookies for each teacher, because I have realized that going out of my way with kindness helps payoff when I forget all kinds of other things throughout the year.  This inevitably happens, so I like to try to be extra nice when I can.  The girls added their sweet touches as well.


We got up and got moving quickly on this rainy morning.


First up, dropping off the girls, starting with Bella.  On Lily's kindergarten morning, I cried like a baby and couldn't stop crying.  I did tear up while we were dropping off Bella, but I also had to contend with the rain, the twins, and Lily to drop off, so the magnitude of it all couldn't really sink in.  Plus, she's ready times a million and walked in like a champ.


Lily was dropped off next and was so excited to begin 2nd grade!


Last stop was dropping off William and Violet who had better things to do than pose for pictures.


I really was sad at the preschool drop off and walked out of the classroom starting to cry.  They don't really understand that everything is changing so dramatically.  I left Violet crying in someone's arms, which was not a great way to go.  Thankfully, I got a text later this morning from one of the therapists with these happy pictures.


I got another gift this morning - God certainly does take care of me well.   A dear friend is going through the exact same transition - she has a second grader, a kindergartner and two going to full time preschool.  We did breakfast all together after the drop offs.


After school, I was waiting for the bus, ready to go pick up the kiddos with cookies for each one.


Instead of two girls hopping off the bus, only Bella arrived.  The sweet neighbor boys told me that Lily never got on the bus.  They changed the route numbers this year, and there was a miscommunication, and Lily got on the bus that she had been told to get on to - but it went to the other half of our neighborhood.  After some phone calls to the school and to John, we managed to get all children picked up from all the places, though it took about an hour longer than it was supposed to.  Both girls were only slightly traumatized by not finding the other on the bus and not knowing if they were wrong or right.  It was so good to have them all together again!


We went to Sonic for ice cream to make up for all of the bus drama which brought smiles to everyone.


Everyone was really tired tonight.  I feel hit by a train tired, as I mentioned before - I think from the emotional olympics that I've put myself through.  But, starting now, I'm cutting back on the drama.  Everyone had a good day - including me.  There will be major pros to this new life.  It's the beginning of a new era, and I will learn to embrace it, slowly but surely.