Monday, October 31, 2016


Having Halloween on a Monday seems like some sort of special torture for everyone involved.  It's done and over with, and it was a good one, but I feel SO BAD for our teachers tomorrow.  And also a little bad for myself when I will have to wake my darlings from their sugar comas and try to get them all to school.

This year, we decided to be a family of supers.  Here is the best family pic we got - but I must say - I do love it.  Askew masks and obstinate children and all.  It captures us in all of our super glory.


Dressing as superheroes may be one of the most cliche costumes, but it was easy and also had a low-barrier of entry for John's participation.  Real talk here: costumes would not be John's idea in almost any universe, but he really loves me a lot and was a super (😉) good sport in this family theming.  Our kids LOVED all matching, which means they must take after me. 😂👊

My superheroes did turn out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

Captain America.  He was quite pleased with his "muscles," and he kept yelling "Happy Halloween" and "Happy Birthday" and "Trick-or-Treat" all day.  2 out of 3 is not too bad.


Captain Americana.  She loved wearing her costume and was the most excited that Daddy and Mommy were also dressing up and going with her.


Batgirl.  She rocked being a superhero, even though I'm fairly certain she has never seen anything from the Batman franchise at all.


Spidergirl.  She loves all holidays, but most of it comes down to the traditions and the people.  She made a fantastic Spidergirl - though again, there is a real knowledge gap when it comes to this non-existent character.


Our church throws a Family Fest that we attended last night which was equal parts fun and chaos.  These pics will probably give you a sense of that.


Crouching while eating your full sized cupcake won during a cake walk makes a ton of sense.  There were lots of games, lots of animals, lots of candy and lots of people.  It is a great event, and I'm so thankful for a great church family.

This morning, the twins got to wear their costumes to school and trick-or-treat with their precious teacher who was dressed as a Tickle-Me-Pink crayon and deserves extra jewels on her crown in heaven for the way she graciously shepherds a room full of 3 year olds.


This year, my friend Court gave us a break from hosting the Halloween get together, and so we got to go party at their house!  Fun food and fun friends made this a fantastic time for all!

This group of 31 kiddos did a pretty fantastic job grouping for the picture, with the exception of a few outliers who cannot be easily grouped.  #progress #captainamericantmakeusgetincloser

We took off trick-or-treating, and as always, it was like traveling with a swarm of locusts descending upon homes to utterly clean them out of candy.  Our group moved impressively quickly, and we adults definitely had to hustle to keep up.  We made it safely back to the house with all of the children which felt like a massive victory.

I cannot really explain why Clark Kent is sitting in the wagon for this picture, but I can whole-heartededly say that I love him and am so glad to fight crime with him.  So glad that I felt the need to smile manically to get the point across.

It was a great night all around, though it did wear us out.  Honestly, it was amazing to see how both big girls took such good care of the twins.  They were constantly on the look-out for any candy with peanuts in it, since Violet is allergic.  As a double-bonus, this meant that all Reeces came straight to the parents.  Boom.  Halloween winning.

I'm thankful for sweet Halloween memories and even more thankful to be heading into the month of thankfulness!

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