Friday, November 11, 2016


It's hard to believe that this year marks FIVE for the Immerse AR banquet.  I helped coordinate it the first couple of years, and though I didn't help to plan most of the others, I've attended and helped in some way each year.  It is always a special night, and last night was the best yet!


John acted as the emcee for the evening and made me an incredibly proud wife.  He is so gifted for things like this, and I'm so thankful he chose to serve in this way when they asked if he could do it.  Doing anything like this comes at a cost of time and energy and effort, but it is worth it.

In the above picture, he is interviewing three of the youth we have served over the years who have graduated out of the program.  They graciously shared parts of their story and how Immerse has helped along the way.  Tears were brimming in my eyes the entire time, because I am SO proud of these kids and thankful for the ways that God has worked in their lives.

To get a better understanding of the needs that we work with, check out this "Day in the Life" video.

Eric and Kara Gilmore founded Immerse, and it is such a blessing to partner with them.  Their passion for youth in crisis and finding ways to connect the church to them is inspiring and convicting, and getting to be part of the wild ride in the last five years has truly been amazing.  I LOVE getting a front row seat to see God work, and serving on the board of Immerse has certainly been that in every way.  God shows up and moves in big ways.


If you're wondering about Immerse, definitely check out the website.  In short - we exist to help "fill gaps" in the child welfare system and walk with youth in crisis.  For the past five years, that has meant we've been focused on youth - mostly aged 16-24 who fall into the following categories: aged out of foster care without finding a forever family or runaway/homeless youth.  We've recently begun trying to expand to human trafficking victims, because they end up falling through cracks very easily.

We have supportive housing and transitional life coaches to work with youth to teach them life skills and walk alongside them, and we try to be the family that they never had.  We are looking to open more housing and build out the building that we purchased in the last couple of months to create a drop-in center and be a base for operations and the weekly Gathering we host each Tuesday night.

It all requires more money and staffing, and last night, the banquet brought in $179K with more coming in.  We are blown away by people's generosity and God's faithfulness and can't wait to see what else he does in the next year.

It was a great night with lots of great friends - most of them I didn't get a picture with.  These friends (and many others!) generously agreed to host tables, and it makes my heart glad to see them serving in this way!


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