Thursday, December 22, 2016


Every Christmas season a post like this seems to come from my heart.  I love the holiday season and the lights and the fun, but it also serves to remind me that this world is not my home.  Even when so many things are good and joyful, SO many things are painful and grievous.  Every year the dichotomy strikes me.

Because of our line of work, the Christmas season wrecks a little havoc on our "normal" life.  We are busier, and it requires the shifting around of time, energy and effort and often leaves us feeling spent. It's easy to look around and wonder WHY are we doing all of these things?  Why are people crankier when everywhere they look, signs tell them to be Merry and Bright?  Why am I more short-tempered and wound up?  Could it be that I've signed us all up for too many things?  Again?

Why is eczema such a problem for us?  Why can't my kids just all sleep through the night all the time?  Why are meal times such a battle?  Why can't my husband and I always be on the same page about everything?

And when we look outside of our little home, I am struck by the horrors in the world.  We had on football the other night, and there was a bit of footage from Aleppo that aired in a commercial previewing 60 Minutes.  Lily was especially traumatized by what she saw and took quite a while to calm down.  How do I explain that to my girls?  How do I understand it myself?  It is and should be traumatizing, and I want to look away and not know.  But, I can't un-know what is going on, and the Lord compels us, as his people, to care, to look, to notice and to do what we can, where we can.

I'm part of the weary world, and it is longing to be redeemed.  We need redemption.  We need a Savior so desperately.

This Christmas, I want to be reminded of the ways that redemption came so unexpectedly into a stable over 2000 years ago.  It came to be just as it had been foretold and fulfilled prophecies and changed the course of human history forever.  Jesus was born as a tiny baby and entrusted to us humans - humble and flawed and lowly.  We did nothing to deserve him, and he brought everything to save us.  Love came down.

We need him now just as we needed him them.  He brought a thrill of hope, and the weary world did indeed rejoice.  I long for the time when he comes again to make all things new and redeem all of it.  No more tears.  No more mourning.  Come Lord Jesus.

It can be a Merry Christmas, because it means so very much more.  It's a promise that God won't leave us mired in our mess.  He made a bridge between us when Jesus became a little person, and he longs for each of us to come to know him through that bridge.

I hope your holiday season has been filled with sweet moments and treasured people, but even if it hasn't, know that the Lord loves you so much and longs to be with you.  He is near to the brokenhearted and crushed in spirit.  May a thrill of hope run through your weary soul - I know I need it in mine.


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