Sunday, March 19, 2017


Unless you've been under a rock, you've probably heard about the show, This Is Us.  You've probably watched it, and if you haven't - let me just say that this blog post will contain some spoilers - you've been warned.  Each week, John and I have curled together on the couch to watch the next installment.  Some weeks it's been uplifting and funny and heart warming and other weeks have been heartbreaking.  Usually its a mixture of both, and just about every week I found myself crying.

The cast does apologize for all the tears in this funny video, in case you missed it's rounds on Facebook.

The fact of the matter is - this show really does feel like US.
Here is the check-list of things we can relate to on this show.
 - a father who dies ✅ (it actually features two fathers who die for double the tears)
 - trans-racial adoptive family ✅
 - the stress of having multiples ✅ (though we only have twins, not triplets)
 - imperfect marriages ✅
 - anxiety/mental health issues ✅
 - child's birth-family drama ✅
 - kids who grew up in the 80s ✅ (the triplets are 36, and we are 35)
 - regular sibling highs and lows ✅
 - family who really truly loves each other and finds ways to make it through the tough issues that make up real, everyday life ✅

Obviously, we are not the Pearsons, and for that, I'm grateful.  We aren't quite as good-looking, and for the sake of TV world, they did get an extra helping on the drama front which we don't need. We also have God as our cornerstone, which I wouldn't trade for anything.  But we relate to enough of each episode to keep us hooked and hoping for more.  It's relatable and funny and has the crackle of reality to it.

During certain episodes, I have shed seemingly buckets of tears - please do not even get me started on William dying.  It was so beautifully written and poignant and tragic and stunning and heart-wrenching.  For me, the show has been a great outlet.  Real life is so full of ups and downs, and I don't always take the time to "feel" all of them.  This Is Us gives me a place to feel life, and for me, that has been helpful.  As a bonus, it's an entertaining show.

So - if you haven't watched it - take this as my recommendation.  It is by no means perfect - but it's good, and we thoroughly enjoy it.  I cry a lot and don't seem to be in the minority on that.  We are looking forward to season two!